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Welcome aboard our in-depth Celebrity Edge tour. Edge promises luxurious accommodations from the Penthouse Suite to the staterooms, and offers memorable experiences onboard to heighten your relaxation like the Magic Carpet, a first of its kind feat of engineering.

The Magic Carpet transforms into new venues as it floats from deck to deck. In the evenings, there’s even the option to enjoy “Dinner on the Edge,” an alfresco, open-air dining experience. Hang out beneath the glamorous chandelier at the Grand Plaza, which is modeled after the energy and elegance of an Italian piazza.

Mouthwatering cuisine and world-class dining are available with every meal, like Le Petit Chef, where your dinner table comes alive with 3D animation and storytelling. Or at Luminae, an avant-garde, suite-class guest exclusive restaurant, where you can enjoy a five-course tasting menu from the creative and iconic Chef Daniel Boulud, our Global Brand Culinary Ambassador.

Whether you’re exploring the immersive entertainment at the Eden restaurant on Edge or lounging on the Retreat Sundeck, we take you on a step by step, deck by deck tour of the Edge. In this video, you’ll feel like you’re already on board Celebrity Edge with our crew. We’ve designed every feature on the Edge to reach new levels of sophistication, fun, and comfort.

Now, every Celebrity cruise always includes drinks, Wi-Fi, and tips on every sailing, in every room, every time. It’s that simple. Guests of The Retreat enjoy five newly added perks*—a shore excursion credit, premium drinks, streaming Wi-Fi, tips, and an onboard credit.

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  1. Mina Rajmalla Spencer Jaddoo

    My niece Sweta from Mauritius is working on this dream cruise ship.

  2. Looks like you have to be a model to cruise here.

  3. We board her this Sunday, the 23rd!!!!!! CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!

  4. Goats University

    This ship looks crazy😭😭🔥🔥🔥 that’s bottom deck restaurant though gotta be fire at sunset GOOD LORD

  5. Where's the cat?!

  6. Are all the Edge's guests skinny model-looking thirty somethings? Sounds like the ship has the same class system as Cunard. Not sure old fart peasants like me would be comfortable on this ship.

  7. Woow. I cant wait to Cruise with this Ship

  8. can i meet this guy tho

  9. Kimberly Yurtsever

    We have booked two cruises one with Celebrity and one with Carnival and will be cancelling if masking is required as well as social distancing. Let's face it who would spend that much money for the hassle and not everyone can wear a mask for long periods of time so I think the cruise industry will be losing a lot of customers and money if they start targeting people who are vaccinated!

  10. You’ll see all this on the Apex as well.

  11. We have sailed on this ship before and it is beautiful. We've been sailing with celebrity for a little under 20 years.The service remains great and the nightly shows are fun. The verandas took a minutes to get used to but it was lovely. Unfortunately, my experience was that there were not many activities suited for my tween children and I got the impression (they did too) that they weren't as welcome by other guests being young kids.

  12. OMG – Eddy. Will you be on Apex this summer ? It would be a pleasure to see and hear you again.

  13. Triple3fromspace

    How much will you charge me to just watch this video?

  14. funny, all my cruises had fat old people on them…

  15. I love the rooms but I will never book those rooms. I’m barely ever in my room when I cruise. I’m just in the room to sleep and shower

  16. Oh no Celebrity!!!! 4 familes (mine and three other friends and family, 17 of us altogether) were about to book a two week vacation only to be informed by one of your staff that Qsine has been discontinued and replaced by Le Petite Chef which is OK although way overpriced with the $55 per person extra charge. This same charge for the previous World class Qsine was acceptable and was the only reason we were returning to you!
    WHY OH WHY HAVE YOU DONE THIS…. as this change has really shot Celebrity in the foot and has also made us decide to go on a Royal Caribbean cruise instead because of this. Qsine was world class where as le petite chef is regarded as average especially for a 5 star cruise . SHAME ON YOU CELEBRITY!!!!

  17. Paulo Roberto Pinto

    Where I can get informations in Brazil?

  18. Alpharius Omegon


  19. Bug

  20. michaelottinger

    "Infinite Veranda! Magically bring the outside into your stateroom! This has never been done before!"
    …it's literally just a window.
    Perhaps they've not explaining it well enough?

    ……………………….that looks nice, though. Menu sounds good, and everything looks like it's actually relaxing instead of just a constant, pumping spring break kegger.

    Okay, I know I came on here to make fun of their Infinite Drive-Thru Window, but this video may have honestly just sold me on Celebrity.

  21. Looks like a beautiful ship.🛳

  22. BB's amazing drawings!!!

    I would imagine if I used that peleton bike

  23. I find it interesting and disappointing that every model in this video is 27 to 31 years old, able bodied, and groomed as though they are in a James bond movie– and utterly bland. How about inclusivity, the beauty of old and different faces, and at least a touch of truth in advertising?

  24. I would rather go on a color line ship so you don’t need to buy the more expensive rooms for “exclusive” restaurants

  25. Remember when they used to have the SS America/ Australis

  26. Oh Eddy! He was cruise director on one of my cruises, great guy

  27. Te nu vēl neesam bijuši…

  28. Was on this ship November 24 not the first time sailing with celebrity but i have to say this ship is way overrated the magic carpet is a small part of it thats being made to be something who knows what, its a nice ship but nothing crazy not worth the extra money

  29. Theheroneeded Willette

    Back up, there’s a butler for the higher end rooms?!

  30. I

  31. Holy fuck the bow is ugly. Looks like a floating brick

  32. I noticed that the video features exclusively young adults with children and millennials, which is afar cry from the average cruise ship passenger

  33. Sorry but those chairs in the royal suite living room are a bad choice. We are in the royal suite in the silhouette and have enjoyed the two couches. I would never go on the edge because of those chairs. How are two people supposed to relax in that living room?

  34. We'll be sailing on her November 1st 2019 when she goes home to FLLL for the Winter.