TRAVEL TO SINGAPORE FOR THIS VIEW / 5 Star Hotel Room Tour Marina Bay Sands

We travel to Singapore and I give you a room tour of the Marina Bay Sands Skyview Deluxe Room. This view is INSANE !

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  1. Very lucky to have. Your room up there five stars very nice thank you for sharing your beautiful video love your video thanks.

  2. Did you visit Clarke Quay?

  3. Thanks for the walkthru bro. It allows the layman like me to atleast know where actually our tax money goes to 😂😂😂

  4. Great content ✌️

  5. Ummed Purohit nise ps

    nise barather

  6. They should give you another night to celebrate your 10k subscribers

  7. How do you finance these travels and journeys?

  8. Looks pretty nice. 🙂 I've always enjoyed passing through Singapore on the way to Europe/Australia.

  9. That view is breathtaking bro!

  10. Sponsored by MBS?

  11. Hey Danny! I really like your content. Btw, ты не мог бы сделать в будущем видео на русском? Пожалуйста

  12. How’s the local food?

  13. Should try out W hotel too

  14. The sofa is also a pull out bed

  15. It's famous for the price and size! Have never been there for that reasons.

  16. HappyCarlsons TV

    This is awesome 🎬 Beautiful hotel!

  17. TNX.Please tell us aboute prices .😎🤔

  18. no I don't mean all of these just a change in perspective and more City views can get you more views.

  19. Nabilah Ridzwan

    glad you’re enjoying it here 🙂

  20. great work consider making videos with your voice in background

  21. Since I'm Singaporean the boat hotel is the most famous hotel(dunno if it is the most famous hotel) and below it have shops and a casino and more info Singapore repaint the HDB flats to not look run down and the color/colour is white so inside the house is cool


  23. Dany #gotaworldtosee

    What are your thoughts on this place ? 😀

  24. hold your head high!

    Hope you will travel to Africa soon