Epic Tour of Nanjing China | Nanjing China Tourist Attraction

Enjoy this epic tour of the city of Nanjing as it was my first time visiting China again since immigrating to the US as a 7 year old boy not knowing any English. I had a fantastic time and enjoyed myself thoroughly with all the beautiful scenery, tourist attractions and delicious & cheap food.

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  1. I like this. thank you.

  2. i live in new york city, near chinatown, i like chinese peoples, but i dont know why chinese women ignore me, hey look to the other side when they pass near me or bow down their head not to see my face…so, i dont understand why they do that.

  3. Did you have to go thru the 2 week quarantine to be in or out of China ?

  4. 展现了很丰富的南京市民日常生活,很多江宁区的街景,感觉很亲切。

  5. 柳叶儿尖上尖