A Walking Tour of Beautiful CUENCA, ECUADOR (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

Exploring the beautiful city of Cuenca in the Andes Mountains of southern Ecuador.
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A Walking Tour of Beautiful CUENCA, ECUADOR (UNESCO World Heritage Site)

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  1. Te doy un like ya que dijiste que las cuencanas somos bonitas.

  2. A blessed good day sir Gabriel Nice another spectacular beautiful city of Cuenca Ecuador lots of beautiful people Churches parks and streets thank u keep safe sir Gabe Godbless u from your solid viewer from the philippines sir vhin 🇵🇭🇵🇭👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏🙏🙏🙏🙏👍👍🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂🙂👍👍🙏🙏🙏🇵🇭

  3. Nice, it's city looking really beautiful

  4. Great video bringing alive the beautiful city of Cuenca, the architecture, the people, the murals, v picturesque, nice commentary!!!

  5. Pavement Pounder

    I was there last week and saw the busker at 5:40. Lovely colonial city, like a more relaxed Quito.

  6. Pavement Pounder

    Well done, you did your research! Looks like a really quaint little city.

  7. Dream House Tile

    Hi, Gabriel. Which country in America is the cheapest from your experience? Thank you.

  8. Amazing City, Love Cuenca and looking forward to retire soon in Cuenca, Ecuador thank you for your video

  9. You live in Cuenca-Ecuador?🤔

  10. notice there s not green ,trees ,grass,on the street except in the park ,i can not live like this

  11. Excellent subject BUT you are NO cinematographer.Sell or give away your camera PLEASE.

  12. i am from Ecuador it's so fun they have the biggest water park planeta azul

  13. Do you actually watch your videos? They look like a five year old recorded them. Would suggest too first, find an educational facility that offers classes in cinematography. And take a course in basic cinematography. Then save up and buy a decent video camera that has a stabilization feature. And for christ sake "do not" speed up the recording!

  14. Would have liked to hover a bit, to hear the actual street sounds and get a sense of the pace. The speedo/slo-mo seems unrelated to the city — wonder what a good walking pace would be…

  15. veronica silvestre

    This is my beautiful country Ecudor. Cuenca is one of the many wonderful cities that Ecuador has. congratulations to you, Sr. and welcome to my coutry. nice video👍

  16. Thanks for this.

  17. Camera is exciting been in ECUADOR.that's all

  18. Jonathan Del Real

    No esta tan bonito, esta mas bonito queretaro

  19. Cuenca es una ciudad que tiene estilo Europeo… cuando fui por primera vez sentía que estaba en Inglaterra, ese país tiene un lugar así, con esa arquitectura, Cuenca es hermosa lo malo es que todo es muy caro.

  20. Thank you, this was a really nice video and a great overview. Well done. I look forward to visiting.

  21. Cuenca beautiful city with beautiful girls 😍

  22. givingbirthiseasy

    Cuenca is one of the best places in the world… right up there with Rome, Barcelona, NYC, Sydney and York, UK.

  23. Always I want to visit Ecuador and Cuenca, everyone told me Ecuador is AMAZING , Thanks for posting

  24. I love ECUADOR.

  25. Wtf buen video saludos desde Guayaquil- Ecuador me gusto Cuenca y eso que no conozco esa parte del Ecuador la arquitectura se ve increible alguien me puede decir xq e visto en videos una parte de Cuenca donde hay edificios me imagino q es el centro y en otra parte vistas desde unas montañas donde se ve la ciudad tambien recomienden lugares para ir a Cuenca si 😅
    Tengo familia dice mi papa en Cuenca asi que tengo algo de Cuenca jejejejeje saludos

  26. suru unconditional luv


  28. Thank you for showing the city instead of just your talking head, as so many Youtube travelers and expats seem to love to do.

  29. This is Jersey in 1940s

  30. loved all the history in there. you're a good tour guide!

  31. 5:28 best Guitar Player In World

  32. OUCH….your style gives me a headache.

  33. Gladys Alejandra

    Nice! Thanks for posting! Looking forward to visit

  34. SebasCoro1 [ECUADOR]

    Also, I don't know if you can send me some regards in your next video to Henderson, Nevada hahaha :3 :).

  35. SebasCoro1 [ECUADOR]

    SALUDOS DESDE CUENCA ECUADOR, Happy and proud to have you in our country and our city, now I’m living in Las Vegas, but I’m originally from Cuenca.

  36. Dragon Ball Teorias y Más

    Thank you for visiting our country. Greets.

  37. Is Cuenca walkable or would you need a car to live there ? Thx….great video !

  38. Really nice video!

  39. How is the cellphone service in Ecuador? Thanks. Good vid.

  40. I love Ecuador

  41. Dulcesima Alonzo

    my grundson is cuenca

  42. im sorry i live in ecuador cuenca in a now its biutiful flora and fauna but economy is shit and i have respect for women but comon


  44. I'm glad you like Ecuador I'm full Ecuadorean I was born there

  45. Gabriel all your videos are informative I've been watching your videos for a while now keep up the good work.

  46. Thank you for sharing this amazing video . I Wish to visit someday soon .