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A beautiful, natural, peaceful lake so many visitors come to enjoy. Inle Lake was one of our Myanmar highlights as well. Yes, we say that a lot – guilty! We decided to take it easy towards the end of our trip so we planned to spend 3 days around the lake, enjoying the laid back life and exploring the nearby places. There are many restaurants and Spa’s in the city so Inle Lake is the perfect place to slow it down a bit.

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  1. Yes ! Someone finally said it ! the long neck ppl are from myanmar . People always mistake it as thai

  2. Very true … Thai doesn't have long nack , originally from Myanmar, thanks for advertisement of my place

  3. Yo pi yo, great video 👌 and amazing tips and tricks. Really enjoyed all the flow of the video those skills 🔥.
    Guys hope you two are having fun and enjoying what ever comes your way.
    Much love Chiao 😘

  4. Wow, my dream to visit there!! Have you been to Georgia (the country) yet on your travels?

  5. Agnese Avotiņa

    Whoaa the tour looks amazing! And the price is so reasonable. Haha ofc you went for the sunrise tour, you are like “gotta catch them all” 😁♥️♥️

  6. Krišjānis Braža

    Wow, it's way bigger then i thought 🤤🤩
    Linda get yourself a cow in Philippines, or two 😅🤔

  7. Amazing as always. You all are my travel heroes 🙂

  8. I love your edits and you as person! I hope we can meet again some day in near future 🙂

  9. Travel with Tommy

    Wow Inle Lake looks so huge Linda & Kris. Wonderful trip there. Never been in Myanmar. Thank you so much for taking us along.