As of May 2021, I’ve been living on the road full-time for three years as an outdoor adventure & travel photographer. Here’s a tour of my current tiny home on wheels after 14 months in an SUV and two years in a custom built Ram Promaster. My ultimate goal here is to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone by sharing my own personal highs and lows along this (sometimes) wild journey. Thanks for being here!! Maybe one day I’ll see you out on that open road. #VanLife

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**My van is a 2019 Ram ProMaster 1500 High Roof, 136″ WB with 29K miles** 🚐

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  1. Some really useful storage and organization tips. This is seriously one of the best produced van tour videos I've seen to date. Plus a cameo from the legend, Jimmy Chin! 👏

  2. Do you consider yourself safe in a van like that!? It’s a nice van and built nicely but, I wouldn’t feel safe in that thing at all. Sorry.

  3. Matt Santillanes

    Is it true that nothing about van life is glamorious? And it's actually depressing?

  4. I love the interior…those colors make it seem bigger which is what you need in a smaller space.. congratulations, what a great lifestyle!..

  5. GORGEOUS VAN! Great tour!

  6. where do you go to the rest room?

  7. Wow! Color me impressed. It seemed that that van just kept growing in size. Amazing use of space. Gotta tell you I'm jealous! Always impressed with people who take their life into their own hands and live it well. Nice!

  8. So awesome girl! I am in the very very beginning stages of living this nomadic lifestyle (going to look at my first van tomorrow!). I have been watching videos and making lists and have a constant stream of ideas running through my head. You gave me a lot of great ideas that I added to my idea notebook! Such great storage hacks for clothes, which I'd like to have a decent amount of with me. I also liked the shower curtain rings you had for hanging things, that's a great way to maximize storage! I am terrified and excited but I thank you for the great ideas 🙂

  9. Excellent video tour! All the content was right on track with the minimalist requirements. Will check out the links provided, thank you. Saw the Safety comment about propane inside and agree. Must also request the fire wood be relocated to minimize injury potential from loose objects in the cab. You are a gift to the vanlife…

  10. FerociousLionsOrg

    "My ultimate goal here is to inspire you to step outside your comfort zone"

    Did you do that? If you're a photographer and decide to go on a road trip and work, is that stepping outside a comfort zone? You still have a source of income… probably living pretty comfortable to me.

  11. SpectraLight Photography

    Another excellent video showing off all the features of the van. 30 minutes was fine as you shared good info the whole way through. Off topic – have you considered having a dog as a companion? I've seen videos from a couple other women who live out of a car or van – and they have dogs.

  12. Amazing build Christian! Very well organized as well. Great video.

  13. Swosti Subhrajyoti Sahoo

    keeping books near the power unit is really not a good idea

  14. I love the colors. Looks pretty and clean you r well organized. You said a little bit of your childhood and Mom but I wanna know more.

  15. Your van is beautiful but I feel in the left side. You should've added a shower and stove and sink on right side.

  16. You sure have discipline to keep things neat and tidy

  17. Definitely one of the best produced videos I've yet seen. The opening music is fine, but what drew me in was not hearing it as you were talking. Your attention to detail, even minutiae, really made your home open, and you did it in a deliberate and relaxed way. You took the time to tell what repairs you had to make, and what needed would have to be fixed in the future. The condensation from your refrigerator being a possible issue is something only one other video even mentioned. The toilet thing was funny., You're easy to watch and even easier to listen to. Thank you for taking the time to produce and share this glimpse into you and your home.

  18. Beautiful van! What an interesting way of life! You could write a book, no doubt, not only with your writing but your photography. Just a thought. At the risk of sounding stupid, what does BLM stand for? I keep hearing that term among the van travelers. I only know it (BLM) in a political sense. Thank you!

  19. Love the white washed look. We have 100% cedar and might try this. Did you sponge or paint it ?

  20. Great Video, very informative

  21. Hi! Love this set-up! One thing I couldn't find is your water storage. How many gallons do you carry? and where do you store it? please and thank you.

  22. The Chugging Bear

    Nice van, really nice build.

  23. This is one of the best conversations I have ever seen and I have probably seen ~2K over the last few yrs Mainly for the small hacks, and packed so much stuff in that is unseen 😮

  24. I am absolutely amazed at how much stuff you can fit in your van! Very impressive!!

  25. wow

  26. Oh hey the man who co-directed Free Solo?

  27. Mu' Phengxue Yang

    she a baddie, damnnn

  28. This is one of the cleanest least cluttered solo vans I’ve seen. Love her efficient use of space and her minimalist mindset. Exactly the type of van I would want. I don’t think I could go without a dedicated space for a shower and toilet, that’s just me. But other than that – bravo!

  29. 2:35 So down to earth and genuine that they broke up, lol

  30. Loved your van and your video! I so much want to quit the rat race and travel but I am afraid of the expense. Would you be willing to discuss your expenses related to van life? Fuel cost, maintenance, site rentals, etc?

  31. you are so sunny when you talk about your van, i am happy to see you happy <3

  32. Thaddeus Maximus

    I want to do this. Ill build it myself.

  33. You are so pretty! Love your van and your photography!

  34. What part of WA are you from? I used to live in Vancouver for close to 10 years…

  35. Really cool van build! Awesome setup!

  36. Awesome van build! Definitely inspiring me to get back into vanlife. Heaps of awesome ideas! One item I noticed that always bugged me during my backpacking days is that microfibre towel – I replaced it with a linen towel years ago and never looked back. Cheers!