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Ever since I first landed in Bruges Belgium, apart from the ‘high praises’ that were given to Antwerp and Brussels, there were two other towns that gained a lot of raves from tourists and travelers alike: Bruges and Ghent.

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We’ve already explored Ghent in the earlier video, and today we’re here at Bruges Belgium; a seemingly favorite choice of Belgians when it comes to charming little old towns! In this video, I’ll give you a quick snapshot about this place with some essential information in case you’re planning a visit here! So, let’s go explore Bruges (Brugge) Belgium!

Bruges (Brugge) Belgium, is the capital and largest city in the province of West Flanders in the Flemish Region of Belgium. In Dutch, the name means ‘bridges’. The city center is rather small and an outstanding example of a medieval historic settlement! Thanks to the cobbled lanes, dreamy canals & medieval being in Bruges (Brugge) Belgium can make you feel like you’re walking and living in a fairy tale town

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Getting to Bruges (Brugge) Belgium is easy from many places in Belgium and the Netherlands. It’s well connected and you can reach here by using a car, taxi, bus or train. Belgium has an excellent rail system so it shouldn’t be hard for you to reach here using that.

The Center is the hub of all activities, but during peak season it can be really crowded for ones taste. You can escape that with De Brugse Vesten – a scenic park or ‘green belt’ around the city’s historic center that’s also laced with canals.A backpack is fine, but remember that the city has streets with cobbled stones so carrying a strolley or a suitcase will be challenging!You’ll cross the beautiful Minnewater Park, also knows as the ‘Lake of Love’ on the way towards the center! Incase you get hungry, grab a quick bite at one of the many street side restaurants and if you’re tired, or maybe just curious, you could ride a horse carriage.

The Grote Market Or simply ‘Markt‘ is a large market square of Bruges (Brugge) Belgium that packs a lot of character! It has a prominent statue in the middle highlighting two ‘heroes’ of the city, the reference being the historical Battle of the Golden Spurs. The Belfry, it’s a medieval (12th century) bell tower rising at 83 meters and it is surely one of Bruges’ most prominent symbols. It has 366 steps and should you choose to climb them, you’ll be rewarded with breathtaking panoramic view of the entire city! Some very talented street artists can be spotted here as well! I think prior to this day I had never seen a person playing a Harp in real, so this was an incredible sight! Also, you’ll be surprised to know that these artists don’t just randomly start playing on the streets. They audition in the city hall and only the really good ones make the cut and are then assigned spots throughout the city where they can to play in public. This quality control is done keeping the tourists in mind!

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Next is one of the most photographed area in Bruges (Brugge) Belgium. It’s also right next to the hotel which was also featured in the ‘In Bruges‘. Canal cruises also start & I can’t stress enough that a trip to Bruges (Brugge) Belgium would NOT be complete without this experience! It may sound like ‘touristy’ thing to do but I still think it’s one of those experiences which should not be missed.

As always, thanks for watching, keep exploring, this is Rahul and I’ll see you in the next one!

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