Minneapolis-St. Paul Virtual Tour: University of Minnesota

Tour the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul in this video feature!

Footage courtesy of Meet Minneapolis.

Footage ©Explore Minnesota Tourism Photo/Video

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  1. OriginalDrastiicat

    Straight up racist university.

  2. Minneapolis theater scene 2:34

  3. Oooo opp 9

  4. Ok, but will you do a video on the University?

  5. They didn't even mention the St. Paul campus, which is beautiful btw

  6. Theophilus Bondo

    I am planning to visit this great city soon next month in 2020!

  7. Beautiful!

  8. god when can i move

  9. No mention of the bitterly cold long winters

  10. After University of Minnesota cut police ties, there is 0 chance I would send my daughter there.

  11. Zero problemi c sbatto io la faccia..

  12. lub neej ua qhua channel

    Nej lub nroog zoo nkauj kawwg o yom

  13. did you offer bachelor degree for criminal justice? lmao

  14. I'm from India great city Minneapolis wow all American cities are very beautiful 🇮🇳🇺🇲 India and America both loves all

  15. Margaret Thompson

    Minneapolis and St Paul are Minnesota nice and polite. Love you all Twin cities.

  16. Perfect University

    Universities train you to be a compliant job-working, indebted, broke slave… Watch this entire training before you decide to go to a University. It was a blessing for me http://www.myperfectuniversity.blogspot.com

  17. i love USA

  18. As an alumini, it's always nice to come back and see the beautiful campus & Twin Cities!

  19. いきたい!

  20. Haapppyyu 100 sid

  21. Haapppyyu 100 sid

  22. 0:49 you for got friendliest

  23. Seems the city is catering to millennials.

  24. I studied at U of M for 9 months in 2013~2014 and I miss it so much.

  25. Great state. HIGH TAXES –
    Rochester, MN resident here

  26. J'espère que je reverrai un jour le Minnesota,j'avais fait un magnifique voyage là-bas il y quelques années,en fait la campagne dans le Minesotta ressemble beaucoup à la France.

  27. Everyone says I should visit Minneapolis. One of my closest cousins is from here and a family friend still lives here. Very informative vid.


    We been all over Minnesota Minneapolis it's a pretty view. People are nicer than Az. Just so beautiful… We're moving back again this time find a he to call home.

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