NOTION TOUR student + aesthetic 2021

hey guys! this is my student notion tour i really hope you enjoy this aesthetic set up, and get some inspiration on how to organise your life with notion and how to use notion for school!

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-my favourite notion tutorial

my notion inspo
where i get lots of my pictures

♡ chapters ♡
intro 00:00-0:11
what is notion? 00:12- 0:27
why i use notion 00:28-0:52
my notion pre renovation 00:53-01:52
notion tour! 01:53-16:05
outro 16:06-16:46

♡ music ♡
music by Reggie San Miguel – Daydream –

♡ about me ♡
how old are you? i’m 19!
what do you study? sociology at the university of leeds (i did my first year at the university of sussex)
where are you from? australia but living in the uk now 🙂
camera / edit? cannon eos m100, and i edit on imovie

if you are interested in working with me, please email elsermmitch[email protected]

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  1. Do you think its reliable to keep your study notes here? Have you ever experienced losing your notes?

  2. subscribed! thanks for this informative video, inspiring me to get more organized this year ♡