IN THE TOUR TRUCK ON A WET PRACTICE DAY, Mark Crossfield spends a wet day at the British Masters on the Titleist Tour Truck poking his nose into everyone’s fit and chats. See how busy the truck gets on a wet practice day during the European Tour.

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  1. Richard Schneider

    Would like to see more of how they tweak a club to fit may something how to relate this to the recreational club player? Thanks

  2. Love these types of videos. Great work Mark. Especially the series you did at TPI. Wouldn't hurt my feelings to see more TPI, lol!

  3. Celestial Celica

    My custom grind and leading edge is done with a file, little by little.

  4. Another great peak behind the scenes.

  5. That Will Harvey is a star! Grinding away all day to give the player what he wants! What an artist.

  6. Love this one, awesome insights!

  7. how much weight is lost in grinding a straight leading edge?

  8. Love 👌

  9. The work those guys do is impressive.

  10. Really good insight and those Titleist technicians really know their stuf👍

  11. I really enjoyed this video. Man, to hand grind your clubs, dude is an artist!!

  12. I like how Mark is always trying to understand the difference between science and feel or perhaps better said, applying science to improve feel.

  13. I much prefer a straight leading edge, Do you know if there is a reason for the curved/rounded leading edge most manufacturers go for?

  14. Mark, is there places you can go with your set of clubs and get each one done to how you want it for your game, wedges slimmed irons loft lie adjusted. Even tho there all not same manufacturer. Cleveland wedges, ap3 irons cobra wood set???

  15. Loving what the sponsorship from a certain company (name might offend some people) is bringing to your channel!

  16. Another great use of your hook ups bruh. If Willy Wonka had a truck 🤓

  17. Only in my dreams! Another belter Mark

  18. Nicholas Bagnall

    And when you spend youre hard earned £1200 on a set of irons you'll most likely get in return swings weights out between different clubs and lofts and lies all over the place aswell unless you get it all built up by a quality fitter. If it comes direct from a big brand more than likely they wont be what you asked for

  19. Love the tour truck video…ultimate custom shop perving… From pimping wedges to bespoked "custom shop" clubs. It's a far cry from adding lead tape and playing around with CG's on a driver. LOL

  20. Can I have your autograph Will Harvey

  21. More of this pleeeze

  22. Love the tour truck videos!

  23. Fascinating stuff! Thanks Mark!

  24. Sebastien D'Amour

    cool access

  25. These videos are literally the best on YouTube for insight, unbelievable mark, love it

  26. James Cathey III


  27. These Tour Van videos are sweet Mark! I’ve been building nearly 10 years and couldn’t imagine all that at my disposal.. these guys are good! Thanks for sharing

  28. I was lucky enough to go inside the trailer just after it had been built.Completely empty apart from the work benches/seating area and its every bit as small as it looks

  29. Boy, it would be nice to have your wedges ground to order on the spot. Then again, there’s something to be said for just adapting and working with what you’ve got so you’re comfortable with it in all conditions. I’ll bet the top guys make far fewer adjustments to their clubs for different courses than most players for that reason.

  30. Killacamfoo O.G.

    If only the SM7s came with that straighter leading edge, I might be inclined to buy one.

  31. That girl that was commentating with you really didn’t like you🤔

  32. Christian Stelzl

    This is so out of the normal amateur golf world. Crazy! Thx man again for that short but true inside look! Just crazy

  33. Jeremy Levis - Montelupo Films

    Mark, you may want to trim the end of this vid.

    Great Insight into the detail tour players are looking for.

  34. Oh the days when pros like Seve used skill to cope with different conditions, rough and sand not relying on a different club for every situation

  35. Great access. Man, how many people can they squeeze in the tour truck?

  36. Really is amazing how particular pros are with their clubs.. me grab any club and give it a whack. Nice to have that workshop on wheels there at the course for them.

  37. Tour Truck heaven 😍