This week we’re touring an amazing modern luxury AIR BNB cabin in the North Georgia Mountains. This vacation home is a Scandinavian designed cabin with amazing mountain views. This home stands out with a modern Scandi inspired design as well as eco-friendly features such as solar panels and eco-friendly HVAC.

This home is available to rent on AirBNB:

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Nespresso Machine:
Outdoor Furniture:
Sweeze Cups:

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  1. That’s such a gorgeous home! My favorite bedroom was definitely the first one—the palette was so soothing.

  2. Happy folks!

  3. Love to see you revisit when they finish the basement…beautiful!!!

  4. I love the whole family/kitchen room. Those windows and the view. 💕


  6. Irene Norris Robling

    We fell in love with the 3 blade Matte black fan in the living room. I have been looking at chandeliers but wow changed our minds as soon as we saw it. I learn so much from your channel. Thanks Jack and Valentina. P.S. wish you could see our amazing Dark Sapphire fireplace , is it black or is it blue??? It changes with the light in the room. We love it.

  7. Jessica Martinez

    You have have mentioned this in another video but I HAVE to ask: what paint color do you have in the walls on your home—it kinda looks like a dark dark gray?

  8. Beautiful home! I think the painting in the kitchen is hung too high but other than that it’s perfect!!!

  9. The "exclusive camping hairspray"!!! ILMAO! I love you Jack!

  10. You would love my sister in laws home she has for sale. It's a modern mountain home in Oakley Utah. They have a very luxury Scandinavian vibe. They design, build and decorate themselves. They are very talented and they just do it on the side for themselves. 😀 I need her to design and decorate my next home 😄

  11. Melissa Andreoni

    My favorite part of the house isn’t something tangible. It’s the overall vibe and aesthetics. Simple and clean design that still feels warm, not overly modern or cold. And that view of the landscape 😍

  12. It is gorgeous!! I am not a minimalist in my home, but the calmness and serenity of this home is making me rethink my choices!! Love it!
    🤣Jack’s camping hairspray!! You guys are adorable!!

  13. Why are y'all so cute???? 😭

  14. Aaaah I loooovvvveee that tv!

  15. 16:50 OMG, "Camping hairspray"??!! Hilarious!

  16. What a cabin! My fav room is the tv area fireplace area living room. You guys are so much fun to watch. I’m addicted. I’m like what I have to wait another day for the next one.

  17. Courius about that living room rug. It’s from Ruggables, the one that separates from the back and drop it in the washer! I recognized it from their web site and selected a different one but love that one too! Kindred spirits all, for sure!

  18. Forgot to say my favorite room and bathroom: the white bed bedroom, and its bathroom because of double vanity. I'm glad to have seen these bathrooms before we start turning a bedroom into a large master bath, because now my vision is changed! The Scandinavian style definitely will fit my 1960s house better than a cottage look, and I'm grown up enough now to appreciate the sophistication. 😄

  19. I wish you buy one of this houses to see all the process from picking upgrades to decorate it from zero to make it look like you guys ..beautiful

  20. So fun! You two are amazing. I also love Jack’s podcast.
    The link to your Amazon store doesn’t work.
    Do you have a link and/or name for the TV that doubles as art? Perfect idea for my home.

  21. 👏👏beautiful💕💕💕

  22. Diana Cooper-Havlik

    Love that black cabin/house! 🖤

  23. Thank you for this tour. I am not a fan of black exteriors or shower tiles.

  24. Hum…I think it's time for the "Valentina" family to buy a vacation home/Airbnb at The Nest, right? ❤💚💜💙💛

  25. Jack & Valentina I just sent you a message in your website. This cabin is really not a cabin 🙂 so modern, I have seen a trend of this type of rentals along the California cost.

  26. Valentina, you always look so gorgeous. I love your clothes choices as well.

  27. Beautiful home. Loved the luxurious, minimalistic style. Loved seeing space decorated in different color scheme ( especially pops of blue, my favorite color). Was great to see how that would integrate into a neutral pallet. Please do more of these tours !!!