The best full day tour in Amazon.

We Had an incredible tour experience visiting the Amazon rain forest in Brazil. It is your best opportunnity to be close to nature, to visit a Indian tribe, to fish, see the animals and the forest. Where would you see the Pink dolphin if not in the Amazon Rio Negro. Also swim and play with this sweet animal. If you travel to the Amazon this is the best tour option you will have for a day.
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  1. 공상과학 변호사 Scifi Lawyer

    What is the tour name?

  2. Nice video on wildlife visit on this link to see more video-

  3. Is there much walking on this tour.
    Thanks, Hazel.

  4. 7 Continents 1 Passport

    Very well done. Congrats !! Love the intro tho.

  5. Cristiano Gonçalves

    Muito agradecido por visitarem a minha linda cidade Manaus. Espero que voltem outras vezes… Um grande abraço e fiquem com Deus!