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Patagonia Vacation Travel Guide | Expedia

Patagonia – travel here to the land that time forgot and set out on the journey of a lifetime where Mother Nature runs the show. When ready, browse vacation packages to Patagonia: #Patagonia, the fabled ‘edge of the world’, spans the southernmost regions of Chile and Argentina and can be …

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NOTION TOUR student + aesthetic 2021

hey guys! this is my student notion tour i really hope you enjoy this aesthetic set up, and get some inspiration on how to organise your life with notion and how to use notion for school! ♡ social ♡ instagram ⇢ pinterest ⇢ tiktok ⇢ elsermitch ♡ mentioned ♡ -my …

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Oyster 565 – Walkthrough Boat Tour

Take a tour of the Oyster 565. Designed to be sailed shorthanded by a couple or family, this sub-60-foot sailboat boasts many of the features you would expect on a larger bluewater sailing yacht. She is capable of everything from a coastal cruise to circumnavigating the globe without the need …

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