PRIVATE TOUR Inside World Famous LUXURY HOME AQUARIUM! – (12,000 liters)

You are about to get a PRIVATE TOUR Inside David Saxby’s World Famous Reef AQUARIUM! 12000 liters LARGE! Merch: …

tour du lịch


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  1. After watched this i stared for 10 sec at my 2 turtle and said, "no"

  2. He's truly passionate about the same

  3. Иво Иванов

    bulgaria love it we have got sea aquariums too

  4. Thank for share, a big wonderfull reef tank

  5. Thank you, George, tor the beautiful video. We don’t have an aquarium or pond so we enjoy waiting other people’s through your videos. Please keep doing what you’re doing.
    May god and his angels watch over you and take care of you. We really love Mr. Sachs’s aquarium (coral and fish).

  6. Camera man picks one spot with a pole🤦🏽‍♂️😂

  7. This man reminds me of my great uncle. They live opposite lifestyles, as my uncle owns a ranch and raises cattle, but he's English and is always willing to teach us about the workings of what he does.

  8. anyone catch that he has a jebao wave maker hahaha. dcp 6500. its around 7:21

  9. Absolutely amazing.

  10. Graham should react to this

  11. the couch should be facing it

  12. nice pool

  13. Now I see a rich with a heart 💓💓💓
    I'm totally stunned by the way he is managing is huge tank also the equipment and set up build by himself
    May his fish and coral live long 💕

  14. What many of us in the hobby would do if we had the resources: bring, on a grand scale, the stunning beauty of the oceans into our living space.

  15. Jennifer D Noseworthy

    No doubt about it, it’s impressive 👍

  16. I’ve been using this guys light cycle from AI on my prime for the last year and it’s solid even though one is 14G bio cube and the other a custom 15 top and 10 sum. Once I got through the algae it’s all good because this light cycle is around 13 hours start to finish

  17. Why do you need so much electrical equipment? is it not possible to take care of the everything in the tank naturally like in nature?

  18. Coolest aquarium I seen

  19. Nice variety of colorful fish

  20. marine is too much faff ,too many moving parts to go wrong at any time …my stress level would be constantly at 100%

  21. One little short is going to burn all the high end equipment ! 🙁

  22. One of the best in the world

  23. Everytime I see this tank 😲😲😲 insane