AJ Bell Tour of Britain | 2021 stage four highlights | Aberaeron to Great Orme

Catch up with the best of the action from stage four of the 2021 AJ Bell Tour of Britain, held between Aberaeron and the Great Orme, Llandudno, on Wednesday 8 September.

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  1. Difyr iawn.Angen bod yn uffernol o ffit i seiclo o Aberaeron i Ben y Gogarth!

  2. Classic finish

  3. Good luck getting that KOM…

  4. I was at the top of the Orme, the atmosphere was great

  5. England is gorgeous.

  6. The deviation from sprinting really

  7. Fantastic Van Aert!

  8. Team Jumbo Visma! Go Wout!💥💥💥

  9. Philippe Marchand4431

    Funny to see how people are making fuss about Alaphilippe sprint. I’ve red a WVA interview this morning on Belgium media he acknowledge it was a great fight and doesn’t complain at all. There is also a video on Jumbo-Visma twitter account showing JA and WVA both exhausted on the grass right after the stage in a friendly manner.

  10. This was spot on fir a breakdown of the race start to finish 👌🤩

  11. Lets goo WVA!! This one feels like a milano sanremo 2020 😍🔥🔥

  12. Let's go Jumbo Visma !

  13. The Welsh countryside looking stunning as usual. Such a special place.

  14. Brilliant sprint finish. Alaphillipe rides all over the road in general anyway. Didn't see any serious intent to block Wout. You see it in many sprint finishes. The best man won anyway. Cycling needs characters like Alaphillipe.

  15. Ethan Hayter is the future of ineos.

  16. Once again Alaphillipe tries cheap shot and comes across road to cut off wva.

    Remember motorcycle crash a yr ago? Threesome break w wva leading, mvp second, two big guys obscuring view, Alaphillipe third.

    And hit motorcycle

    By this time Alaphillipe had already in prior races taken wva into the barriers when wva was going to beat him. Wva was tired of it by then. He gave no warning of the motorcycle

    Alaphillipe crashes and then rolls around writhing on the ground like a soccer player screaming dramatically

    Alaphillipe is a great rider. It is obvious.

    But he is one small step below wva and mvp in talent and physical ability. In honest sportsmanship he is a big step below them

  17. Epic stage

  18. BornAgainTriathlete

    What a race. And thxs for commentary

  19. "Continued to ascend, all the way up to the top." Well that makes sense. 😉

  20. What a total (cheating) A-Hole Alaphillipe is at the end "drifting" 3/4's of the way across the road to try to close out Wout!

  21. Lol, WVA won over alaphilipe in climbing finish. What a mess.

  22. Wasupwitdat1 Mofiki

    Damn! is this shit boring or what. Road racing has lost it's appeal for me. Don't know why I even clicked on this video because it always looks like the same race.

  23. Another huge deviation from his sprinting line from Alaphilippe

  24. Alaphillipe swerving in a sprint… again.

  25. The British know how to cover a sporting event.