Odyssey of the Seas 2022 Cruise Ship Tour

Take a full tour of Royal Caribbean’s Odyssey of the Seas to see everything there is onboard!

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  1. Obstacle Tamers Gaming

    Can you make a video about a full ship tour of Explorer of the seas. If you do, please don’t tag me or say my name

  2. GEORGE Roughshot60

    Can't wait to sail on her. Have a Transatlantic October 31st. Super Excited!
    Thanks for all the tips and reviews. You are greatly appreciated!

  3. Booked a cruise with this ship to Israel on 08/30/22 from Civitavechia – Italy.

  4. Wow… I was excited to look into going on a cruise but it’s seems like all the fun things cost extra! What a bummer.

  5. I'm in barbados I apply to work on this

  6. Jessica Sonnier

    Great video! I went to your blog and I’m still confused on the casita rentals. Do all adults in the stateroom have to pay for the casita?

  7. does the odyssey of the seas have free wi-fi?

  8. Do we need a drink package if we get virgin daiquiri or pina colada’s

  9. Great tour Matt, as usual.

  10. Thank you, Matt! I've never been on a Quantum class ship, and after watching your comprehensive video, I decided that it's not worth it for me. Oasis class is just so much better for what I personally prefer — the amazing water slides, the Central Park, and the Aquatic Theatre, among others. But thank you for allowing me to make a very informed choice!

  11. THE ELEVATORS. Just returned from trip on Odyssey of the Seas. Everything was fantastic, except the elevator wait time. Just don’t have enough elevators to accommodate the number of guests. Be prepared to get around the ship using alternate means sometimes. That’s having been said, everything else was FANTASTIC.

  12. Where can teens go from 14-17

  13. My upcoming cruise will push me to Diamond. Excited. We are going on the Odyssey. Wonderland on the Symphony was amazing! Thank you for making this tour!!

  14. Brogan Lawrence

    Hi Matt, what shows are currently showing on Odyssey?

  15. Matt, another great video. Just an FYI, during the Giovanni's section you referred to it as Giovanni's "table". I'm sure that's just a habit, but in case you want to know, that's what I heard. 🙂

  16. Thanks so much Matt! Trying to decide btw wonder and odyssey. This ship looks amazing!

  17. 💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙💙

  18. Thanks Matt. Awesome ship, great video.

  19. Can't wait to work on this amazing cruise ship

  20. I will see you and work to you amazing odessey of the seas

  21. We live 20 minutes from Port Canaveral, but I want to go on Odyssey. So I need to find the right vlog to show my husband why we should drive to Fort Lauderdale when we live at Port Canaveral. There’s a lot of good ones out there but spread over several episodes. This is the best one I found and this will get me on Odyssey out of Fort Lauderdale in October, so thank you.

  22. I em 42

  23. Thanks! I'm getting excited for my March,2022 cruise. #OdysseyoftheSeas

  24. Love the video. So much to do. Can’t wait to get back to cruising and book this ship.

  25. Nice I’ve always wanted to go on a cruise but I’ve never been on one

  26. That’s so stupid that kids can’t use the solarium. Wtf who made that decision?

  27. awesome video

  28. Cruise videos 🚢 #ShippingInbox