Anthony Bourdain A Cook's Season 1 Episode 19 Tour Hometown Favorites

The #1 food writer and television presenter in the world, and star of Travel Channel and CNN, Anthony Bourdain reinvented the food travel genre. In his groundbreaking first television series, Bourdain travels around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters. You never know what he’ll say, who he will meet, or what they will have for dinner.

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  1. Greatest food show guy ever. Rip Tony

  2. If NYC would elect a libertarian mayor then it would realize it's true greatness.

  3. I appreciate the uploads. A title note of the location would be an aid to the viewer. Cheers.

  4. Then commict suicide like a COWARD!!!

  5. Life and death are equally scary. In life you can build so much and then in death you'll always be nothing but a rotten corpse and eventually just bones.
    Is there an afterlife?? Who will be there if it does it exist, and when or will it exist ??
    According to the Bible there's still no afterlife for us humans, we'll all be awoken after the apocalypse.
    The most scary future is the government will bring us back to life by digging us up and attaching our DNA to A.I. ( like in A.I. the movie)
    I'm scared to death to think there's no God but I'll be brought back to life by the government to force me to work in my new robot body

  6. 19:32 Arizona Tea still in an 2000s glass bottle and label

  7. This is nostalgic beyond belief. We miss you Tony.

  8. Ahhhh yes…. back when you could smoke a cig in a fine dining restaurant… lol

  9. Close the border in the north and ask everyone for emigration status

  10. Tony truly was one of the good ones. I can't describe how much this person, whom I did not personally know, effected and inspired me. His death really felt like a close friend dying. I legitimately loved this man. I think about him often. Miss you buddy.

  11. Look at that sturgeon! Gotta have it😍😍😍!!

    And I agree that the best American Cheddars are out of Vermont. But let's not ignore Oregon. I have had some ass-kicking cheddars from that area!

  12. Greatest to ever do it.He didn't willingly eat scorpions Ever

  13. Drop Kick Murphy

    $12 for a sturgeon platter?? In NYC??? Those were the days!!

  14. Is this pre 9/11?

  15. There is no one currently on the food scene who is as incisive and inclusive of culture as Bourdain. I miss him because I have been so influenced by his first Vietnam visit. I am grateful for his contribution.

  16. Love the nod to Taxi Driver 17:34

  17. Foodies are the most pretentious people on earth.
    I find them rather unlikable.

  18. This takes me back to when I graduated college and moved to NYC in 2000. These are memories frozen in time and this is when I discovered Anthony Bourdain. Still miss him and wish he was here.

  19. Miss ya Tony .
    I bet your up there cooking with all the greats !

  20. This is Tony pre 911


  22. New York is the best🗽

  23. Barny green grass is looking at Tony like, "you've never been here before, Stop acting like you're a regula……. degenerate, jersey punk".

  24. cool ear ring bro

  25. I never heard of Anthony until a new roommate introduced me to him 10 years ago. So thankful he did.

  26. Sitting here with Covid. Trying to get my appetite and taste buds back. Love this guy. Miss him