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  1. The head fitter you keep talking to is absolutely excellent. I’d love to work with his knowledge!!

  2. that's me in my younger years.

  3. All your videos are great wouldn't change anything but could we get more fittings like this

  4. Another barrel of laughs tour player, bring back Brian Barns and Max Faulkner….

  5. Lovely controlled swing for such a long hitter!

  6. lekker bietjie afrikaans?

  7. Never known Mark be so quite during a video – he must have been in awe 🙂

  8. Doesn't even look like he's swinging hard … and he's only 5"9. Just, how?

  9. SuperDuper Awesome

    I keep noticing that alot of the pros have their arms nearly vertical down from their shoulders in set up and hands close to their thighs – no reaching for the ball …. 🤔🏌🤓⛳🏆

  10. Christian Stelzl

    Holy moly! 297yrds with a what 1 Wood? Damn! This kid has some speed. Would be nice to have a track ball there to see the ball flight… just for us on camera. But I understand why not. Like the titleist guys! Friendly and always focused on helping the players. And they know their Players. Great stuff again mark… (will play in an hour)

  11. If I tried to swing that hard I’d either top it to the women’s tee or slice it across the road

  12. What shaft did they choose? It was cool looking

  13. What’s the point of a 290 carry 3w if driver carries 300 and 2i carries 250? Terrible gapping. And he doesn’t use it off the deck? Seems like a waste of a club since you already have driver for tee only. If I had his beautiful and powerful swing, I’d go driver at 300, 3w at 275, 2i at 250, 3i at 225-30, and so on with the gaps narrowing down to 12-15 yards onward.

  14. That take away is amazing. What a swing.

  15. Wow what a beautiful swing

  16. I love the idea of taking a club and repurposing it to do something very specific on the week for the course you're playing. It's all very interesting watching him work out how this club is going to service his needs

  17. More of these videos!

  18. Hi mark you ve previously reviewed my swing I hit an over draw and really can’t fade it I’ve tried putting in practice but always slipped back to my old swing, really would like a lesson with you how do I go about it and do you still give lessons thanks!

  19. These pros have such relaxed looking swings on camera… Crazy to think about how he sends it!!! Such a stable looking foundation… Makes me want to do some squats and stretches now…

  20. When I was his age and on into my fifties I only had one swing too, hit it far and go find it and hit it far again. Then by my mid fifties I had two swings, the full out and the choke down two inches and 3/4 it out there and find the fairway at all costs. It took a lot of decades before I found that second swing, darn it.

  21. He's almost got Coach lockey speed, he needs to hit the gym just a little more. 😂😂😂

  22. I'd go ts3 and add a little loft to get it in that 275 carry range. Maybe then you could have some hope of using it from fairways too.

  23. Justin Stephenson

    So effectively he is playing a 2 wood. Something I had 40 years ago in a persimmon head.

    Golf clubs appear to be like mini-skirts, just when you are too old to do anything with them, they come back into fashion

  24. That’s some swing

  25. He must not have a Pat-Pat 3wood swing 🙂

  26. All a bit silly young Grant. No one on tour impressed with this nonsense.

  27. Reminds me of Koepka, look forward to seeing his name at the top of a leaderboard sometime soon

  28. Wow this guy can smash it 😯

  29. 14.25 ish are we?

  30. whats the swing speed with driver?? fast

  31. One of quite a few talented Scots coming through along with David Law and Robert McIntyre 😎

  32. Wonder if he got that Under Armour top for £8.80 😏

  33. Flush ball haha. quality!

  34. Frankenwood. #fullsend

  35. Are the pro’s actually that close to each other or is it your camera?

  36. Only in my dreams, great video Mark