Hydraulic Ram rebuild and factorhy tour!!!

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  1. mark marchiafava

    Hire me to proofread your videos prior to uploading them

  2. Wait till you run into an enerpac with the alan bolt access through the port they are fun people know what I'm talking about if you have been there that spring is stiff lol

  3. i need to get me one of them hollow porta power cylinders for doing bushings and stuff like that. My enerpac hand pump needs rebuilt so im using my backup but i dont have a backup to the backup yet

  4. David Malloy Outdoors and Adventures

    How do you were them boots like that with the tung outside your pants yes I saw that lol

  5. Good video wade ,always enjoy these type vidja

  6. Bought time Steven puts some elbow grease into the outside if Whitey

  7. Erik Schnitzler

    LUBERCANT….. causes cancer..

    so does 99 proof butterscotch liqueur…….
    both, soooooooo sad

  8. The cnc machines are state of the dam art

  9. you took it right in to the Daannnnger zoooone

  10. Have you used a port a power in the dropping of some of the large trees in your career ? Thanks Wade !

  11. Nice addition to the truck

  12. That's how Logger Wade lives always in the red line, wide open, I ran a Cnc 10 head cutter's cutting chair legs and dining room table legs, but that Cnc bandsaw was something else,

  13. Thanks for the video Mr Wade. I appreciate you making all the videos you do.

  14. The Poplar (video) logs (in Indiana) appear to be quite difficult to get the throughput speed (through the saw mill) compared to forest pine where the pine logs are close to the same dimensions.
    Only suggest a bigger storage area for the square cants coming off the carriage headrig, and take them back to the McDonough resaw for processing later.
    Recent upload from USNR saw equipment makers (Florida factory etc) USNR sawmill Youtube channel – adjusting dual bandsaw – Super Saver sawmill


  15. Wade sometimes it's easier to learn more important things when you don't have to worry about filming

  16. Are you working in the shop in your Sunday clothes again? Snow/sleet and rain again tomorrow. Grrrr…

  17. Yup gotta have spares! The cnc bandsaw looks bad ass! Never seen one till now

  18. I feel like I got shorted on that video come on Wade do a little better

  19. Badgermatt75 2016

    I buy my cabinet doors and drawer boxes from a place that is all cnc, it amazes me every time I go there! Saws, routers band saws multi spindle drills, panel saws, planers, routers, shapers, all running at the speed of light it seems! Fun to watch, bet it's a pain to keep running tho.

  20. Did I miss the reveal of the Secret Project?

  21. Last 2 vidja's were perrty darn cool ,like seeing your mill ! An the other were your product goes ! Read barry hansen's replay he is 100 % correct ,just some advice

  22. Nice to have a rebuilt spare when out in the field.

  23. hey wade give your email a look i really do this email dose help you out

  24. illinois calf raiser

    very nice tour

  25. Interesting vidja wade enjoy them all keep them coming been raining so much it is hard to log in Kentucky

  26. Did you read my comment on the video before this one on your airline.

  27. Great tour

  28. Great Tour.

  29. nice repair and fancy mill tour

  30. First