LMTV Overland Stewart Stevenson M1079 tour Episode 3

This video is a full tour inside and out of Stewart.

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  1. Hey great video. I like watching these. I’m wanting to build one myself so I’m getting all kinds of good ideas and very useful information from channels like this and broke overland. Love the content. Hopefully I’ll be building one soon

  2. Looks great! Corny kega & mini split, nice! Good seeing someone else(very few) think'n outside the box!

  3. What’s the exterior siding?

  4. Sweet! So how tall is the ceiling? And did you buy truck from surplus or did you find one already privately owned?

  5. Keep doing it.

  6. I'm not crazy about the fold down deck. When traveling if you need to stop and get quick access for any reason, you first have to fold down the deck.

  7. I like the old school winch.

  8. Have you ever considered changing out the stock alternator for an aftermarket diesel 24 volt lternator and eliminate the issues of the overpriced alternator.

  9. Wow, great job! I can't wait to see the progress. Do yourself a favor though, when you get to finishing the interior, stay away from Broke Overland's channel. His hoodliner idea was awesome, but his idea of interior finishes will kill the average man.

  10. Where did you get the door?

  11. Looks good! Lots of work and pieces to bring together interested to see your vision inflate

  12. Great job! Thank you for making these, keep it up! Did you get it from govplanet and if so how long did you have to wait for it? Thanks

  13. This thing is awesome love to talk with you how does one get ahold of you

  14. @jeffco here is the Link to the Facebook Group


  15. Can't wait to see this build progress.

  16. Richard Thompson

    God vide. You need a better mic or lapel mic

  17. PacificNorthWestLMTV

    Just saw this video and subscribed! Great job on the habitat. It may be in another video, but what is the plan to prevent thermal transfer into the habitat?

  18. Sorry man, I see my comment with a link to the LMTV Overlanding Facebook group was deleted. Anyways. Keep up the good work.

  19. Looking good!

  20. This is shaping up to be an excellent build. Can’t wait to see this come together.
    Side note: on the isotherm fridge double check the measurement. When I was looking at fridges. All the ones I wanted where 1/2” to big to fit through the 21 1/2” of clearance the euro door provides with the frame in.

  21. Endless Adventures

    Glad you commented on my recent video. It led me to your channel. Keep up the videos I love the deck. I noticed comments are turned off on your Stewart and Stevenson overland truck video.

  22. Thanks for the videos. Always fun to see different visions come to fruition. Looking forward to seeing it come together.

  23. Thanks for sharing your videos. Good work. I hope I can do a similar one. Thank you.

  24. Forrest Otterman

    Put Jake in your videos