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Smart Tech Roomtour Google Home LED Lights

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  2. Your room now is so nice to look at but don't be so harsh to your old room😭 I loved the clutter, its actually really charming

  3. I’m so glad u realized ! It’s a vibe but just not for me now lol

  4. Old one was bttr

  5. Lmao when Google clapped back

  6. ik this video does not have loads of views like your other ones but please don't stop doing these type of videos every once in a while

  7. Whateverislying

    i love your old room. yes, there was a lot going on but that's so charming. it has character and vibes 😉

  8. Really like your personality. laughing so much

  9. Oh mayn idk why i really love your channel, all the videos are great,you seem to be an amazing person, stay this way 👊 love from Pakistan

  10. Nicole Jacqueline Dassi

    Your room is beautiful !!

  11. EDITTING is unreal

  12. I really love ur vids, you've really grown in confidence and individuality as a person

  13. your old room tour makes me feel so many emotions for some reason lol but i hella respect the ability to declutter, im still working on that.

  14. Helena Emma Rasmussen

    @Ibrahim Karmit please make a video about plastic in fashion and its environmental footprint

  15. Alexandra Cardoso

    I love your room !! the only thing I would change is the carpet floor, I think it would make more open. I don't know why. But also I hate carpet floor. I also try to be as minimalist as possible and I'm successful when it comes to not buying things that I don"t need but, I'm still having a hard time on letting go of something that is not useful to me anymore, just sentimental.

  16. share more about the books that you are keeping!!

  17. Your room is sooo beautiful! It looks so bright and warm and cozy but at the same time neat and simple and clean. Gonna take some inspiration from you!

  18. Omgg i love your old room, i used to watch that video everytime that I wanted to change some stuff in my room. But actually, now im looking for a room like the new one, so I'm just loving all your phases 😂💜💜

  19. I love the tapestry please don’t get rid of it! Unless you’re giving it to me😱

  20. I like the black picture with the mountains 🏔🏔🏔🖤

  21. omg your old room is unoccupied can i move in pls

  22. i wanted your old room so bad i literally was re-watching it for the third time and saw you made a new room tour im happy you're still active on youtube

  23. wait…winter?! i thought you live in Brunei?

  24. "golden retriever" lmao


    Personally i liked your old room no offence I just think that the last one was more aesthetic and cozy and way more personalized