Strike Your Irons Like A Tour Pro With This One Simple Drill

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Strike Your Irons Like A Tour Pro With This One Simple Drill

I look forward to working with you much more in the future with Top Speed Golf. Good luck with your golf.

Clay Ballard

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  1. Clay your videos are really good thanks

  2. Clay – can you explain what the grip pressure is supposed to be for the left hand/forearm in the downswing. I am practicing the above but am finding i have to grip it hard with the left to keep from flipping/early extending the club.

  3. Take a drink every time he says "Like the pros do."
    Gotta question though. Was that first shot a draw or a fade? It went to the right of initial path, but in the 2nd shot he called a draw also, that went to the left.
    Edit: Nice tips though. Will give it a go next practice round.

  4. U gon give a lightbulb moment to alot of folks with this one.

  5. MAN! I just got back from trying these 3 moves and I won't even tell you how far, well-flighted and straight I consistently hit my PW because you wouldn't believe me (it was LONGER than ONE HUNDRED SEVENTY (yes >170) YARDS and less than 180 EFFORTLESSLY! I am not bragging or boasting, just letting you and everybody else know that YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND TALKING ABOUT! If ANYONE wants to learn HOW to hit and compress a golf ball……..THIS IS THE PLACE! Thanks Clay! You are the BEST INSTRUCTOR I have ever encountered, in person or online! Guys,(and Ladies), stop wasting your time, money and effort! This guy is "DA Man!" and this was not solicited. Just sent in thankfulness and appreciation for what he does better than ANYBODY! THANKS CLAY!😎🏌️‍♂️👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👊👊👊👊👊👊🍻🍾🤛🤛🤛🤛🤝🤝🤝🤝✌✌✌✌✌🏌️‍♀️⛳

  6. Like many of us, I have watched countless videos to try and better my golf game. This video has by far been the most helpful I have found — I just played my first round of the year and I didn't lose a single ball — a huge win in my book. Last year I would lose at least 2 or 3 balls a game due to a slice and not really having a swing routine or plan. Clay, you're the man. Thanks for all you do.

  7. I get it! But doing it consistently is the problem LOL. My question is how does this motion work with the "wood chopping" feel. That is a little bit of an arm feel, catching the club up with my fast hips and this one is all body moving the club through the shot, lagging the arms more behind?

  8. All of this information is fantastic, but the only problem is you need to sequence all of these things in about 1/4 of a second without thinking about it!! I am trying to practice all of this sequencing very SLOWLY…..and video tape myself with a component on my camera which will show my swing in SLOW MOTION. It is a very arduous process. I am trying to unlearn 25 years of ingrained errors in my swing. No teaching pro can tell you what you are doing wrong in a swing that takes 1/4 of a second to complete unless they video tape you and review it with you in SLOW MOTION.

  9. Thx A LOT, this is truly golden Clay 🙂

  10. Excellent video.

  11. BigTech Is Propaganda

    What happened Clay, they kick you of the course?

  12. This is one of the most insightful videos I’ve ever seen on hitting irons. Thank you!!

  13. I always like when you have videos posted, even when sometimes they don't seem to help me too much, because most of the time I do pick up some useful tips. But just a side question here and this is something I noticed on the last video you did with this backdrop screen. Why does it seem the ball just totally disappears when you make contact? I can hear the club face making contact and the thump of it hitting the screen but I can not see the screen move at all from the impact and there is no ball bouncing back off of the screen? It is almost like you are really hitting a virtual ball but yet the balls on the floor are real since you are rolling them around and into position. And it is a little mind blowing to my 63 year old brain. What kind of special effects are going on here?

  14. Just a question I had seen on one of your video's could you tell me the Name of the app that you have on your Tablet that reads your swing please

  15. Hi Clay! In some of your videos i see your right hand ( fingers) coming off the grip just before and in your finish position. What causes this? I've got the same issue , see my righthand thump slipping of the grip. Thanks for your anwer! Greetings from Germany! 🤗

  16. Anyone here ever heard of the tennis racket drill??

  17. Your tennis racquet drill is your version of the multi tool. You can use it for any swing fault you have. Kinda funny. Really like the video drill here btw.

  18. Would love to see Clay play in a PGA tournament and he take us along for the ride. That would be awesome. Just to qualify would be great!!

  19. Excellent tip this is what I work on specifically at impact. Thanx

  20. Nanjappa Chandramohan

    Squaring up a closed club face move seems requires good strength of arms and hands which is difficult for many senior golfers

  21. hi Clay, all of those won't work if we don't load the shaft on the right side correctly.

  22. Timothy Slaughter Jr

    When do you begin to open your hips on the down swing?

  23. Lol my drives are the best they've ever been but I can't hit my irons like this. I'm constantly hitting them fat. I used to be a sweeper and never take divots. I'm finding that's because l never had the tilt behind the ball stance was more straight up n down.

  24. WOW I never thought you could outdo yourself but the explanation of squaring the face in the first few minutes of this video (starting at 1:25) is a game changer.

  25. Very nice set-up, with the screen being so clear

  26. 3rd Millennium Future

    Thanks for another great video.

    A couple of videos ago with a driver you talked about the importance of releaseing through impact.

    This video talked morei in the third point about holding the right wrist angle through contact.

    Is that a difference between driver and iron? So with an iron you almost want to hold off release (and just let it happen without thinking) and with a driver you want to feel the release happening more?

  27. Am I allow to lift right heel to open the hips? This is the only way I can open do

  28. lag and whip

  29. Your teaching method is very gorgeous and fantabulicious.