Sanya Walking Tour, The Hawaii Of China | Hainan Island's Famous Resort City | 4K HDR | 海南三亚 | 南山寺

Sanya situated along the coast of the South China Sea is a beautiful tourist hub in China.

It is well-known for its picturesque, clean white sand beaches, palm trees, warm temperature, clear blue sea, wide-variety of seafood and a delicious array of tropical fruits.

Sanya situated along the coast of the South China Sea is a beautiful tourist hub in China. It is well-known for its picturesque, clean white sand beaches, palm trees, warm temperature, clear blue sea, wide-variety of seafood and a delicious array of tropical fruits.

The city of Sanya stands tall as one of the most favored tourist destinations for visitors from within as well as outside the country.

Best Time to Sanya Hainan
The tourist destination of Sanya China enjoys a tropical climate, and therefore it is warm throughout the year-round.

The yearly average temperature is about 28 degrees Celsius with June being the hottest month and February being the coldest. Sometimes Typhoons occur between May to September.

Peak season

The winter months between December to February is cool and pleasant, and therefore it is the best time for cultural adventure in Sanya. However, the sea can be quite cold in the mornings and evenings during the winter and you may not be able to enjoy the beach in this period of time. Hotels can be quite expensive in the peak season.

Off season

The summer months between April to June are quite hot and sultry, with temperature as high as 36 degrees Celsius. However, throughout the year, the mornings and evenings are pleasant due to the cool ocean breeze. Summers are indeed the best time for visitors who enjoy a strong sun and taking a sunbath to get tan along with low flight rates and hotel tariffs.

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Sanya is an urban district in the very south of the Chinese island of Hainan and an absolutely heavenly place.

It is hard to imagine that once disagreeable officials and disgraced poets were exiled here.

The resort is surrounded on three sides by mountains densely covered with rain-forest, and on the fourth — it is washed by the warm sea.

By world standards, it is completely a young city. The first travelers appeared in Sanya only in the early 90’s.

But now there is everything for the chic rest — cozy beaches, serene lagoons, beautiful nature and modern tourist infrastructure.

Why was the Nanshan Temple built?

Construction of the Nanshan Temple was completed in April 1998 to mark the 2000th anniversary of the arrival of Buddhism to China.
With the rapid urban growth on the island, the temple quickly became popular and receives many local and foreign visitors each year.

The Nanshan Temple
In Chinese history, the Nanshan Temple is really new. In fact, it only dates from the late 1990’s.

However, the history behind it started over 2,000 years ago.

This temple was built in a beautiful setting on the seacoast and has become known as the Temple between the sky and sea.

The Nanshan Temple is a Buddhist compound located about 25 miles west of the city of Sanya, on the island of Hainan, in southern China.

Nanshan, which means Southern Mountain, is part of the Buddhism Culture Park– one of the three parks that make up the Nanshan Culture Tourism Zone.

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The other two parks are the Blessing and Longevity Park and Hainan Custom Culture Park. The Nanshan Temple is China’s southernmost Buddhist shrine.

It is famous for housing a massive gold statue of Buddha and a statue of a Buddhist deity, over 300 feet high, built upon the sea.

One side of the statue faces the park and the other two face the sea, as a symbol of blessings and protection. Construction began in 1999 and finished in 2005. A concrete pedestal with three terraces was built for the statue. The religious figure was made mostly out of copper and is painted in white and gold. The base of the statue is connected to the avenue through a long bridge and is open to visitors.

Sanya International Duty Free City
Compared with the duty-free shops in Hong Kong, Beijing and other places, the price is not great. The Duty Free City is the world’s largest single duty-free shop so you can imagine the richness of its products.

The location of Sanya Duty Free is relatively remote to Sanya downtown, but there are free shuttle buses to hotels in the Haitang Bay area.

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