Tour of Poland Stage 2 ends with a huge crash

Caleb Ewan’s fall caused a massive pile-up involving most of the peloton as the riders entered the sprint at the end of Stage 2 of the Tour of Poland.

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  1. Stage 1 not Stage 2

  2. Kevin Risiglione

    watch it slowly a couple times and you see something crazy every time

  3. they were like, HAH so long suckers !

  4. That's one of the craziest things I've ever seen….. the rest of the peloton is standing there helpless…. lol

  5. Nice recovery by Nizzolo (Trek), with a bit of a luck

  6. if you slow it down and look closely, you'll see that it was Modolo who caused the crash. He rode straight into Caleb and took his front wheel out

  7. Great of Kittel that he show's so much respect for the winner when he's bin beaten. At 1:06  He was like "You're the man today Matteo, you deserve this bro".
     Other cyclists would act pathetic and point fingers to others when they were fairly beaten, but not Kittel, no…..  great guy  😉