German Christmas Market Adventure | Munich Tour

It’s Christmas time! Let’s enjoy the food here and compare it to the market in Tokyo.

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  1. ONLY in JAPAN * GO

    Heads up, the Christmas market that starts at 30:00 mark is incredible!!!!

  2. Always wanted to visit Germany as I'm half German myself on my mom's side. Really enjoyed watching this John. Thanks

  3. How can any one not like this video. We are stuck at home, with flight booked for this years Christmas market in Hamburg and Munich (2020) not knowing if it will go ahead. John gives me a chance to relive the markets virtually for now. Vielen dank, John.

  4. 18:51 Just a fun fact: Christmas don't end in the 25th, in fact Christmas start on that day. Christmas actually ends in evening of January 5. That's the reason of the song "12 days of Christmas" because from Dec 25 – Jan 5 is exactly 12 days. That's the religious Christmas btw… what most people celebrated is commercial Christmas and it does end in 25th though some extend up to 31st Dec.

    Another fun fact: If you want a long Christmas season, go the the Philippines they literally have Christmas decors, music, and spirits as early as September and ends at 1st week of January and at some years extend to late January. Lmao Philippines has one of the longest Commercialized Christmas celebration.

  5. LMAO when you slammed two shots.

  6. I'm doing the Christmas market tour this year. Germany, Austria, Liechtenstein, and France. Visiting the markets in each country. I'm so excited

  7. What a jolly group you had there! Nice to be watching this Christmassy winter scene of your old stream now here in LA’s summer heat.

  8. I would Love to go to Germany during Christmas time.

  9. Really Miss The German Christmas Markets. Nothing Beats Them.

  10. So many different flavors of stollens.

  11. LOL story of every time Kanai is hungry…"Should we eat here? Lets go look over here…..Lets look further on over here…Whats this over here? Oh this looks good we should eat here…Wait whats that over there? Lets go further on over here" Meanwhile poor Kanai is still hungry! # FeedKanaiNOW!!

  12. Michael Andersson


  13. Fröhliche Weihnachten euch allen!

  14. Cool you were here in Germany 🙂 hoping munich was cool for you and Kanae 🙂 if you are in Nuremberg anytime that would be nice 😀 hope to meet you in the future 🙂 keep doing these great videos and streams, they are helping me a lot to improve my knowledge about the japanese culture and language 🙂 thx for that 🙂

  15. Oh yeah.. that's right.. At Hibiya Park you were always looking for somewhere to eat stuff.. ^_^

  16. Very Chistmasy!

  17. That caroussel is a large version of a small wooden thing that stands in many german homes on christmas. The 'helicopter' is accellerated by the heat of a few candles standing beneath it.

  18. Aww….i miss John in my city :/

  19. Frederico Düvel

    Youre in my city. Holy s..t ! Welcome

  20. Good experience… warm wine on a cold weather …. thats something .. to enjoy.. an absolute

  21. Danail Boyukliev

    ONLY in MUNICH * Go. 😀 Was there just before they were setting up the Christmas Market and I wish I could stay for a few more days. Love this city!

  22. John and Kanae must be a teleportation from India to Germany!!!:)

  23. Beautiful city…the tiny bottles of drinks..I laughed so much at your reactions! I noticed the total lack of plastic cups and such. Germany is green!

  24. Alicia Seecharan

    I’m eating fruitcake and drinking chai because you forced it on me. I hope you get softbaked ginger spice cookies before leaving. Great video 🎄😉🙂💕🎄

  25. Would like to see the Christmas markets someday….not so much for the ornaments but for the glühwein und wurst! Hope you treated your friend Dominic (?) to some food n drink. Yes, John, you do come across as that noisy Anerican when you start yelling or talking so loudly.

  26. Around the world with John and Kanae! Happy Holidays you two.

  27. Auf Wiedersehen

  28. sayonara

  29. Hi John! Nice to have you in germany, unfortunately I couldn't make it there, I'm from the opposite end of the country… Maybe next time! How did you like that introsong by the way? Cheers!

  30. Don't come back to Japan. Only in Germany.

  31. guten morgen

  32. ohaiyo

  33. grüße deutschland

  34. Oh come on John, keep the mug as a reminder of this day. *facepalm*

  35. Kanae looks so cute in that hat! You guys have to come to Australia! It has grown up a lot since the 90’s but it’s still beautiful. Kanae will love the Gold Coast beaches!

  36. Sri Lankan Flyer

    I was in Munich in October is was nice 👍🏻