Clark Atlanta University DORM TOUR!!!

leave questions in the description for a Q&A!

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  1. Girl i have the same bed spread

  2. which building did you live in ? suites 100 or 200?

  3. Where did you buy the rod?

  4. Your room is so pretty 😍

  5. My cousin Alexus goes there

  6. Thumbs Up!

  7. Hands down cutest room ever!!!!

  8. where did you get the desk sticker from? what is the name of it ?

  9. Pebbles Marshall

    Are the window blinds furnished? If not what size will I need?

  10. Im rooming in 209A with my best friend

  11. Are these freshman suites ?

  12. can you go and not stay on campus as a freshman?

  13. Would you be able to stay in the are that wasn't used so you could have your own little area or is that not allowed?

  14. Is it free to do laundry?

  15. Hey, I'm looking to have a trunk party when I graduate and I was wondering where you got your trunk from?

  16. Are there single suites for freshmen at Clark? Similar to what you live in but just one person on each side of the bathroom

  17. Hey where did you get that little blue table at that you have in your room? It's very pretty

  18. u still dnt have suite mates?

  19. where are your cute storage bins from?

  20. where did you get your trunk from??

  21. I loveeeee your bedding, where did you get it?

  22. Hey Guysss🤗 I will be back & posting videos on Wed when I receive my camera in the mail.

  23. I loved your dorm! So cute and decorative!!!

  24. where did you get that long curtain rod from and how did you make it stay up?

  25. can you do a video on how to get into Clark Atlanta Please

  26. 1. Do you have any scholarships if you do how did you get awarded them ?
    2.Are you from Atlanta if not is it hard being away from your family?
    3.Whats your favorite part about AUC living so far?
    4. Was Clark your first choice what other places did you apply to?
    5. Is it extra for you to live in the suites as opposed to living in the traditional dorms?
    6. Do you take any courses on Morehouses or Spelman's campus?
    7.Have you considered making weekly college vlogs?
    8. What advice would you give a junior high school about Clark?

  27. How old are you and when is your birthday and when you do the q&a don't say my name in the video just answer question love ya cutie 😍😍😭

  28. Thank you so much for this . I hope to meet you next year .

  29. are you a freshman?

  30. Literally by far the best dorm room I've ever saw! You make me want to move back on campus lbvs.

  31. Heyy.. Lil'Mama,
    Your dorm room tour was Fabulous ! You all did a great job decorating it! Thanks for the tour, I truly enjoyed it and continue to take the Good Lord with you wherever you go! God Bless you and your College Endeavors ♡