Jay Leno’s Garage is one of the most famous car collections in the world and to be able to visit is incredibly special! Join me with Jay Leno himself for a tour to take in some of the eclectic mix of cars on display as we discover what’s within.

Inside the halls lie a huge variety of different automobiles, motorcycles and automotive memorabilia. From modern super and hypercars like the McLaren P1, Porsche Carrera GT, Ford GT and Acura NSX, to the almighty McLaren F1 and legendary classics like the Bugatti Type 35, Jaguar E-Type, Bentleys and Duesenbergs. There is no other collection like it in the world when it comes to sheer variety and to me also the impressive nature of Jay’s knowledge about each and every one of them.

Arriving for a visit with my Ford GT, being able to tour around and take it all in has always been a dream, but made even more exciting by Jay joining to show us around himself. Amongst the cars are so many other things to take in and spot lurking around as we explore – I’m sure many hours could be taken to run through everything in detail!

A huge thanks to Jay and the team at Jay Leno’s Garage, who you can follow on their channel and Instagram here:

Thanks for watching, Tim


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  1. There is no question that Jay Leno;s Garage is one of the finest car collections in the world, loaded with a huge variety of cars and motorcycles, all of which have their own stories. Of course the McLaren F1 is always going to be a highlight for me but it's the variation and Jay's knowledge which have impressed me the most! Join us now for a tour together around these amazing halls. http://youtube.com/jaylenosgarage

  2. Ed Vincent Calaguas

    How much insurance does he pays monthly? I have geico and I believe I pay too much, 1200/yearly just for my Camry. Lol

  3. Ed Vincent Calaguas

    He has more cars than my sons hot wheels.

  4. Nobody more amazing than Jay

  5. Mitchell jamerson

    This man has a 180 cars but he keeps saying this one of my favorites, if he had 100 girlfriends could he say the same thing?

  6. Great job shmee keep up the great work!!

  7. Hey Jay!! When are you and Tim going to talk or show a 1970 Chevelle 396..plz if one of you have one..ide love to see one and get your experience with them ..plz plz..thanks on advance..we love you..

  8. Seahawks76 BamBamKam31

    Jay's Garage, is a Dream come True for anyone, he's been into cars a long time.

  9. Naam Amar Kishore Kumar

    Why do most of these cars have a wire cord sticking out of their hoods? Someone explain.

  10. Who remembers jay limo from cars 2

  11. Jay leno has love for every inch of iron he owns. He is one of the most passionate car collectors on earth. Love his connection with his cars and bikes. Its not about showing off with him. Its about the history and stories behind them. Id kill to see his collection in person. Soooooo cool

  12. no alfa romeos

  13. gotta love how you can hear the airport in the back ground, just like at Tim Allen's garage.

  14. Needs some aussie cars

  15. World's fastest barstool 400hp nobody at all hopefully has the balls to test how fast it goes

  16. The 60's Mustang Fastback is killer. I never realized how small it is, compared to modern Mustangs.

  17. I'm surprised Jay doesn't have a Plymouth Superbird or Dodge Daytona. Only because they are rare and perfect example of American Racing and muscle.

  18. How cool is it that Jay gave the tour himself? And he took the time to really show the cars.

  19. I'm a four car guy myself but to each his own. Nick Cannon has the most cars by far. Everybody else is playing catch up. He must be smarter than everyone else. If you can not afford it do not push it. Jay Leno, Jay-Z or O Jay's. Jay must be good for show business.

  20. Jay, The curator of his own museum.

  21. Been watching you for a while Shmee, Sorry brother you receive 3 demerit points for not knowing what propelled the Y2K bike.

  22. Whenever I feel the Human ego is growing a bit to big for itself, I watch Jay and it always brings my Soul back from the brink. As a Man the only thing that competes with a Woman for love in my heart is the Automobile, and Horsepower.

  23. Jay is the Coolest Car guy on the Tube.

  24. Where’s the corvettes jay?

  25. In my opinion the Mclaren's are the nicest looking cars.

  26. Loved it..

  27. Do you have a 1953 or a 1958 Custom Ford?

  28. Jay has the ability to tell the story behind every car and motorcycle he has , he’s a car guy before a comedian or talk show host in my mind. He has a plethora of information and I truly enjoy watching this man make these videos. He doesn’t need the money but I think he’s doing it for us… his fans.

  29. Can’t believe he gave you the time of day. “Shmee” what kind of name is that anyway. You’re not a real car guy.

  30. Ok the 34’ Rolls is the coolest car ever. 1000 HP??? 😳😳

  31. What a Privilege! Love Jay and his cars!

  32. These are Jay's kids…ha!
    Rock On 🎶

  33. when jay dies and his wife, presumably, puts all these cars up for auction it can be its own entire auction.

  34. This almost beyond comprehension. The investment in time and dollars to amass and continuously house and care for this collection is mind-boggling. Jay’s passion is immediately apparent as soon as he starts talking about every car. He’s an encyclopedia of knowledge about each. Nothing but respect for him and his collection.