We’re back on #Halloween to take you through the scariest and mysterious stories from our Vault and Archive. Laura Fisher, our Archivist takes you through unseen and some #unsolved stories. This episode from the archive is a series where the museum explores the The Margie and Robert E Petersen Publishing archives.

Petersen Publishing started in 1948 and produced some of the world’s most consumed #automotive magazines including Hot Rod, Motortrend, Automobile, Car Craft, Superstreet, and so many more. Today, on #episode1 of our newest series, Unboxing History, our Archivist, Laura Fisher unboxes the first issue of Hot Rod Magazine along with other artifacts and archive items from the Robert E. Petersen Library. Join our discoveries as we explore automotive history and learn about the Petersen Automotive Museum.

Enjoy cars from the Petersen Automotive Museum Vault on this new tour!

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  1. Thank you, Laura and Petersen Automotive!
    Great presentation! 🙂

  2. Betty Boop

  3. Robert Phillips

    Is the reason the Trunk Lid of the Mercedes so heavy is because it is Armored?

  4. Good video Laura Great job 👍👍

  5. Please excuse the midwestern charm I add to my pronunciation of Landaulet.

  6. Enjoyed!!!!!! 🎃🕸🦇👻🎃

  7. Davidson-Miele, LLC

    Great presentation. It is interesting that someone simply drove a State Limousine away and then donated it to the museum. It seems like looting, so I have to wonder about the ownership in such situations.

  8. Garagem do Buda

    She is so sweet, nice vid

  9. great one

  10. This was great video. Nice to see those who work within. Keep her/them coming

  11. Great edit, I drank way too many of those nova water bottles once upon a time. I'd like to know more about the driver and getting the 600 out safely. To spite the previous owner it appears in great unrestored condition.

  12. Laura est tres belle et LA BOMBE presenteure

  13. Stanley Goering

    The rug in saddam Hussein’s limousine was for prayer at certain times of the day!

  14. Larry Patterson

    I surmise that the carpets in Hussein’s trunk are actually “prayer rugs” used twice a day to pray to Mecca and Medina in the Islamic faith.
    Also, the extensions from the body I think are steps for armed bodyguards to use. Likewise, the reason the trunk deck was so heavy was because the car was probably armor plated throughout.
    Just my guesses….

  15. Wow, just wow.

  16. Office and Workshop … dont you mean Dungeon and Laboratory Bwahahahha haahaa ha !

  17. Michael Donaher

    That was fun Laura 🤠

  18. Race Gas Smells Good

    Ha ha, this was awesome!

  19. Sounds like those clay busts needs some TILEX! Kills mold and mildew in a bathroom…..! 🤷🏻‍♂️

  20. What a good looking classy model that is. The car aint too bad either.

  21. SickOfTheStupid

    Laura does the best presentations , fun and informative

  22. Interesting what has been kept inside this museum

  23. Very VERY noice indeed 👌.