Flying private planes is the way to go. Private jet charter flight from Boston to Dallas on XOJet.

Huge, mega thanks to Marshall AKA @OGBTC (follow him for the epic adventure!


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  1. The only way to fly!

  2. Dewan Tausif Yar Chowdhury

    This doesn’t look safe

  3. Really, did you flip the icecubes with your bare hands, yuck

  4. I feel like business class would be more comfortable

  5. In a manufacturing environments, charters aren’t fun when you’re paying $30000 to prevent shutting down the OEM.

  6. The ICE issue rules the comment section.

  7. bro you're ugly, like as a gentleman lol

  8. Keep your filthy hands out of the ice 🤮 tray

  9. >☆*C: olossal comfort and H: uh-accomodating confidence felt during A: ll the trip and through the luxuriously R: oomful atmosphere of T: hat/this, no tip-on-E:nvironment, R: espectively. -Yours kindly, JHVO (C/BIA).

  10. Citation 10 not x

  11. Its citation “10” not X lol

  12. $20billion dollar 8 seater jet? yeah ok

  13. FLYVIP AIR is a member of Vietstar Airlines, offering private jet charter for business, event, leisure … from/ to Vietnam. @t

  14. the ice comments LOL

  15. Can you go from New York to Dubai please tell me

  16. It's a citation TEN….. you know like the Roman numeral X means ten????
    This poor guy is tarded

  17. 1:34 wtf is wrong with you man other ppl use that its not just for you….obviously!

  18. It’s a Citation TEN you jackass.

  19. 20,000 yea right str8 rip off. Look up private jet tickets now.

  20. • Willheezy •

    Lol just gonna touch the ice like that

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  22. cremetangerine82

    This seems very low-budget for $20,000. I would expect to have full liquor service, meals provided, actual in-flight entertainment, and seats that go all the way back.

  23. lost my sht when he touched the ice

  24. 20K, is that a round trip or one way?

  25. you just contaminated all that ice…………

  26. You stick your grubby hands in the ice bin!? You live in a trailer park or what? I'd kick you the hell off my plane, bro.

  27. Ahmad Izzat Shahmier Alhamdulillah

    Alhamdulillah 🙂

  28. This guy doesn't strike me as someone who knows much stuff about things in general.

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  30. We gout coufee and wauter 1:28

  31. Why the pubg hat

  32. dude its a cool plane got lots off features looks good feels good is good