Branson, Missouri Aquarium at the Boardwalk FULL TOUR!

Branson, Missouri Aquarium at the Boardwalk FULL TOUR!

It’s OPENING DAY at Branson’s newest attraction, the Aquarium at the Boardwalk!

John and Amy give you the full tour including a thrilling 4D movie, a Submarine Adventure, a Journey through the Waters Tunnel, Mermaid Palace, the Touch Tank and SO MUCH MORE!

You’ll see incredible sharks, rays, jelly fish and other amazing sea life in a beautifully themed environment!

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4560 North Gretna Road
Branson, Missouri 65616

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  1. I see. Hair amy

  2. It looks amazing there! I just took my kids out to Branson a couple of weekends ago and wish I had stopped by there. It kind of reminds me of New York’s boardwalk on Coney Island. Thanks for sharing guys!

  3. Always called them cray ones From central Arkansas…..👍

  4. Thank you so much for your videos! We are planning to visit Branson with kids of age 4 & 6 in October. Could you please suggest some good places/attractions that kids would love for a 2 day trip? Thanks again!

  5. I proposed to my girlfriend in the bloom room. And I chose this room all thanks to this tour.. Thank y'all so much

  6. Do they have dolphins there?

  7. What type of glasses do you wear in the simulation ride is it virtual are just glasses

  8. • A Y A N A •

    My little brother was crying for life when we went on the motion thing 💀

  9. John and Amy – thank you so much for your videos! For 2 adults and 2 teenagers going to just 1 aquarium during our trip, would you recommend Wonders of Wildlife in Springfield or Aquarium at the Boardwalk??? Thanks so much!

  10. Can we get tickets at the door?

  11. Planning a trip to branson vidio is helpful. The pricing at end.

  12. How long is the submarine movie/ride? We have one parent that will need to wait with our 2 year old.

  13. This is Amazing tour video love the up beat Energy you guys bring to the video! I went down to the trip to Branson Missouri and went to the aquarium and I loved it fun experience! I did a video of my trip there and had fun being there too! Check it out if you like!

  14. Great pricing info thx

  15. Hi

  16. No masks. Mutant virus spreaders from around the world visit daily.

  17. Ricky Lafollette

    We went a couple weekends ago and I expected it to be bigger alot bigger than it is

  18. Cray-ons

  19. Dianne Schnathorst

    I love aquariums can’t wait to go. We have grandkids that will love it.

  20. I loved seeing the aquarium and would like to go but way too pricey for a senior!!!

  21. Barry D. Thomas Sr.


  22. How do you guys always go places and no one is there?

  23. My husband and I were in Branson in Oct, and saw this being built. We will be back in April, and will definitely visit

  24. cray ONS

  25. Marvin&Lucas Dye

    Hi Amy and John , my husband and I watched all your videos of Branson and came there the week of Feb 1thru 5 for our anniversary! We actually saw you on the landing on feb 3 when we were shopping there. Wanted to say hi but didn’t want to bug you .We had such a great time and had great weather too ! You guys are awesome for all the information you share ! You guys are the reason we decided to come there for our getaway! Thanks ..

  26. Crayon…cray yawn

  27. CRAY ON. Amy John is a goofball lol. I know you guys aren't fans but I'm 20 minutes from the stadium. Go Chiefs !!!!!

  28. That looks fun! We're going this weekend, now I'm even more excited!

  29. Your wife said crayon correctly! 😊

  30. Too small.

  31. Vicki Angstmann

    It's Cray-ons like what Amy said.

  32. The VR ride was great.
    "Right in the tentacles!"
    "Just keep swimming!"

  33. wow…5 only 58.00….Sign me up..I man who wouldn't want to go to the Branson Aquarium and then…play miniature golf…and then The Hollywood wax museum …I heard for an extra 10.00 you get a meet and greet with Minnie Pearls Great Great Grand son ….he wears the hat with the tag and everything…

  34. I live here

  35. Nobody wants to hear Amy's commentary she is not funny and is a idiot. Does not know what she's even talking about. Why don't you use someone from branson to talk about it instead of a dumb person who just went for a story

  36. They didnt tell you the you know its pricey

  37. Helena Handbasket

    I'm new to Branson, I'm glad I stumbled upon your channel. Now I can check out if something is worth the time and money.