A Walking Tour of Xela, Guatemala (Quetzaltenango)

Walking around the beautiful, pleasant city of Xela, Guatemala (Quetzaltenango).
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A Walking Tour of Xela, Guatemala (Quetzaltenango)

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  1. the merciless pepper of quetzalacatenango made me serch for this

  2. I was born there, I was brought to the US when I was 6 months old.
    After that I went back to Lived there for 4 years when I was 7.
    came back to the states.
    Love California man.
    But roots are roots

  3. Nice video!

  4. aida delcastillo

    You have no idea what you talking about… so sorry

  5. nice video beautiful city

  6. I am from the Guatemala City but I would like someday go to quetzaltenango, very great

  7. Xela is not beutifal . But I am

  8. It so nice video I'm from nearby by there

  9. suru unconditional luv


  10. Adventurous Mayan

    Excellen view of Xela!

  11. Great video- I clicked on it when researching Xela, but didn't realise it was you until I watched it. I read your book a few years ago- very inspiring and interesting. So thanks for both

  12. it looks beautiful,awesome dude,its pretty quiet out there I love that,one day I'll be there. and thanks body to sharing,peace :-)!

  13. Alguien sabe si hay transporte de Xela a Tapachula, Mexico?
    Is there any way to get to Tapachula from Xela by public transportation?

  14. Yo amo vivir en Quetzaltenango… ✌😍👏😌

  15. I'm from Huehuetenango 😎🇺🇸

  16. Calidad mi Xela tierra de los Chivos..👌👌👋

  17. hey gabriel i am from xela i am from there and i am proud of our culture and i am so happy that we have a great city

  18. Mi bella Quetzaltenango!! Te extraño mucho mi luna de Xelajú! No hombre, aquí toy en la capital de Guate! jajaja Saber cuando te iré a ver Xela!!

  19. Thank you so much For visit My country And My city xela and feel welcome to come back any time you want thanks for the video !

  20. Dr Kekus Maximus

    I work with a man from this city. truly beautiful.

  21. Thanks for the video. I was too young to remember everything about that city but with your help in was able to recall a few places.

  22. My uncle runs a store in that city in guatemala

  23. Martinius Africanus

    I love that town! I spent a month there! 💜

  24. Kevin to the Flores

    Omg thanks for showing me the tour ive been there to see my family but i miss then also great video didnt like the food that much cause i wasnt used to it but very nice!

  25. Guillermo juan Lopez Mendoza

    el gringo paso de los evangelicos para grabar ha los catolicos

  26. Thanks for Sharing your video, love to see how people like Xela 😍 the boy was selling fresh 🐐milk and you should of try it 👌

  27. thank you for sharing your video with us.

  28. Love the view 🎄🎄🎄🎄

  29. Hey Gabriel Traveler Thanks for sharing this video I'm from Xela. But actually I live in Atlanta GA.

  30. is not aka quetzaltenango. ….it's xelaju. …please dont put false info out there dude.

  31. Hi Gabriel traveler thanks for sharing this video I'm from quetzaltenango xela Guatemala.

  32. i was pretty sure you did a video in sija? i wanted to show it to my grandma. am i mistaken or have i just over looked it?

  33. Kristina Trujillo

    I'm thinking about visiting Guatemala in a few weeks.  In your opinion, how safe would you say it is for a single female to travel there?

  34. Jorge A. Herrera A.

    hahahaha He said Leche!!! means Milk lol

  35. Was wondering how you keep the camera from shacking as the picks seems very smooth for a one had extention.  HAppy trails

  36. I could almost smell that smoke/incense! Was it pleasant smelling or just smokey? Inquiring minds:) Looks like a really nice spring day there.

  37. Yes the goat was very interesting 🙂   Nice fresh source of milk.  Don't see alot of trees around here.  I wonder if there is a reason for this?

  38. He sure is! selling goat milk! hahaha so awesome 🙂

  39. hi  gabriel I am from xela and thanks for sharing your video I live near the volcano, enjoying your adventures in quetzaltenango    

  40. Hi Gabriel!
    Thank you for sharing your adventures with us. I enjoy every video you share. I also recently found you on Facebook. Sending you many wishes for safe journeys.
    Your friend,
    Sarah 🙂