Saxdor 320 GTC yacht tour | Astonishing value all-weather 50-knot sportsboat | Motor Boat & Yachting

At the recent Southampton Boat Show, MBY editor Hugo Andreae took the chance to tour the Saxdor 320 GTC, which was making its UK debut.

Saxdor 320 GTC specification

LOA: 33ft 7in (10.28m)
Beam: 10ft 2in (3.1m)
Engines: Single or twin 300hp outboards
Top speed: 45 knots
Starting : €128,172 (inc. VAT)

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  1. Andrew Iannello

    Lovely full size cabin, good use of space, looks like a solid build

  2. Looks very well designed and I hope the build quality matches. Nice review, thank you.

  3. Adam Jurkiewicz

    Another creation of Ingenious Sakari Mattila, the Recreational Yachting Icon of XXI century.

  4. Wow super beautiful,stylish,elegant,durable😍🤗❤

  5. my dream boat right now 🙂

  6. I'm surprised a boat this large only has 450hp.

  7. They looked in the kitchen of Axopar a lot……but nice boats.

  8. 13:37 I wonder if they could incorporate a stacking solar array / foredeck shade to be extended when at anchor? 🤔

  9. no fishing pole holders

  10. Cool boat. Getting sued by Axopar? Seems very similar. Where built? Font of name could run afoul of US Lanham Act on trade dress—confusingly similar

  11. 7:21 Fourstrokes not Verados

  12. super report – comprehensive & professional.

  13. 200k £ for a boat without windless 😂😂😂😂

  14. That’s a pretty good price for a boat so well kitted out. Very interesting. Thanks Hugo.

  15. I know absolutely nothing about boats but was impressed with this
    Seems reasonable value but as I say I’m clueless 🤷‍♂️

  16. Overpriced. £4K for sliding windows that should be part of the standard package in my opinion. A gap that size at the top of that toilet door had me in stitches

  17. It stands alone but on larger yachts I could not imagine a better tender or pilot boat. One slight criticism but its minor, is there is no suspension on the pilot seats. Is there handles in the pilot house for smashing waves? Probably is and I did not see them. Sure seat suspension ould be added. Gorgeous and affordable.

  18. Good price. Reckon they will go like hotcakes. I prefer it to the bigger version. Unfortunately I doubt i will see a used one on the Australian market in time for me to buy. But I can dream. Maybe in 5 years when used ones come on the market.

  19. a very beautiful boat,3 foward seats is nice as well,axopar seats right next to each other kinda crampy and not comfortable sitting rubbing elbows with your buddy(not always with signif other) This boat will be a big hit!!

  20. Over priced fashion statement for people who are too lazy to shower, but dont mind burning 50gal an hour for entertainment. Greta no like.

  21. Great review! Thank you, Hugo.

  22. David O Donovan

    Does anyone care about insulation for cold weather boating?
    It's a super impressive for the price. It is amazing. However boats in general tend to ignore, three of the four seasons we have here…as in Ireland, where I'm from, Scotland, where he mentioned the boat was from, or England, where he sounds like he's from…but basically the entire north half of Europe, all of Canada, and basically almost all of the USA.

    I'm not trying to say a boat like this is bad, because for the price, it's super. But if you've ever been in a warm house with poor insulation, or patches of poor insulation, then you know about kold and how hard it is to get out. It will literally dif itself into surfaces like plaster, concrete, and ceiling boards. I know this from first had experience of literally digging into a concrete wall, and a ceiling board, on separate occasions, and finding mold dug in a good few millimetres.
    Any cleaning fluids won't work when it's inbedded into the concrete itself.

  23. Peter Lemonjello

    Yeah it looks nice and it goes, but for the price it’s really just a play boat rather than a weekender.