COLLEGE FRESHMAN DORM TOUR Fordham University 2019 | Bella King

This is my freshman dorm at Fordham University Lincoln Center. I live in a triple on the 22nd floor which is the top floor of the freshman building McKeon Hall. I have a bit of a white vibe going on with my room this year so you can use this as a bit of college dorm inspiration if you want.


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  1. Have any questions about Fordham? Leave them down below!

  2. Thx u , Belle, it reminds me of my previous dorm room at Fordham, it was almost the same as urs . I love Fordham

  3. This view is the reason I’m applying 😭

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  5. Would you be able to give measurements of under bed? Or the height of your under bed storage. Thx so much for the great tour

  6. Our 5 million dollar view 😚😚😜😂

  7. Does all rooms have such a beautiful views in Fordham University??

  8. lili's film_팔락

    Is this is campus of Bronx

  9. That is so cool you get a perfect view at the window

  10. If i major in psychology and minor in dance would I stay in lincoln center or rose hill?

  11. My anxious ass will always be worried about pressing myself too hard to the window while sleeping, and the window accidentally breaking and then that's over for me.

  12. window scene
    me: you see me sleeping and i open my window accidentally and I fall out..

  13. Damn why didn’t I apply to the Manhattan campus

  14. Your missing a carpet, and a curtain.

  15. scrolling through..does anyone know of any good college scholarships to apply for? please

  16. Sudsuda Sananikone

    evenWhat are the chances of me choosing a dorm on the 22nd floor in Mckeon that is even numbered? It looks so beautiful btw!!!

  17. i was literally thinking about how much you radiate blair energy, so when i saw ur vision board i practically screamed

  18. Your beyond Lucky!

  19. bro the view! you are so luckyy 🤪🍀

  20. this made me even more like excited to receive my Fordham decision, hopefully I can get in:)

  21. Me watching this in my plastered bricked dorm with one small little window.. 😔

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  23. i love this!! what were your stats by the way? or like recommended stats for a higher potential to get in? I'm currently a junior and I want something to roughly aim for to at least be looked at and genuinely considered.