NO LUCK IN KHAO LAK | End of the Bangkok – Phuket motorbike tour | THAILAND VLOG

This is the last video of the Thailand motorbike tour from Bangkok to Phuket. We are in Khao Lak today and the past 24 hours have been very unlucky for me.

I had to extend my stay in Khao Lak for 1 more night, for 3 reasons, watch the video to why. 🙂

As always, thank you so much for watching and for supporting my channel.

I wish you a beautiful day! 🙂

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  1. I'm not sure about that ? Could somebody at the hotel jammed you up so you stay at the hotel for more days ? No mi piace

  2. Francois PELTIER

    Oh man, you was unlucky for one week now, Motorbyke and laptop. For computer you know nothing is eternal, after 6 years you had to change it. Hope the future will be better.

  3. I have to change some details on my travel but I already have a accepted thai pass will i have to apply for a new one?? And will they let apply again on same email and using same documents (hotel, insurance)
    Do you know the answer brother?

  4. You need always carry your own plug kit and spare air can. Total cost for both less than 150 baht. As long as the puncture is clean and more centre tread you are good to just have it patched inside once you get to a big tire shop. Flats are a rare but never happen in a good place. Ride safe.

  5. i love the way you handle difficult situation in calm way , if me in situation like this i'll be panic as hell …

  6. Awwww man shitt day! Hope phuket adventure goes with no problems! Countdown to phuket for me begins Jan 2022! Hope to bump into you!

  7. 4 and a half star hotel. 1,200 baht, that looks very nice.

  8. You need to get a tubeless puncture kit check out on Youtube

  9. you should stay at byd lofts while on phuket

  10. Hey Gabi , can you do a video about Katathani Beach Resort in Phuket please ? Thank you appreciate your efforts and content … 🍻

  11. Sometimes things are not going smoother.. very unlucky with the tyre and laptop 🤦🏻‍♂️😅

  12. You where really unlucky but you have to be very lucky in love 😉

  13. Great video sorry about your bad luck hopefully next one goes better for you how about Hua Hin it would be nice to see a trip around there take care and stay safe

  14. Gabi, such a puncher requires a new tyre, unfortunately, safety first,

  15. A bolt penetrating a tire? Twice within days? This is no accident. There is no such thing as coincidence. It's the new world where you are made so desperate that you make business up even if you do it at the expense of the next person. Dog eat dog mentality among people who have been fed propaganda 24/7 to divide and polarize them.

  16. As others have said you need to carry a tubeless tyre repair kit. Note this kind repair is a temporary fix. To fully repair the tyre needs to come off and be patched from the inside

  17. Thanks Gabi , nice video . Soon time for me to riding in Thailand

  18. Great video, very inspired to do the same type of road trip in Thailand 🙂 Quick question, they only asked you for vaccin certificate when entering phuket ? No need for thailand pass if you come from inland thailand ? Thanks! Keep the great vlogs 🙂

  19. i wish you better look on the next trip 🙏

  20. I will go ind buy one of this kits for fix a flat , here in Sweden very cheap an take it to bike in Thailand

  21. The PMA Experience

    Hiiii Gabi
    Really enjoying the content! Thailand has so much to offer and I enjoy watching your content and filming it myself.

    I’ve had a camera in my hand from a young age. Now been vlogging for a couple years and love the process of filming, editing et all and the versatility of it all now as I’m sure you do!

    If anybody wants to show some love, as I’m approaching 130 videos from India, China et more and now in Thailand and want to get subs up.

    Have an awesome day Gabi et all!!🙂😎🌞

  22. So much bad luck. But anyway i hope there coming good day's for you Gabi. Your finally at my favourite place Phuket. Have a good time there. Video was great.

  23. I’m sorry for what happened to you. Man But. You made it… l

  24. Better luck on the horizon my dude ✌️✌️

  25. I’ve got my Thailand pass now appreciate the very helpful information buddy and great travel videos main thing is keep on smiling :)) 🍻

  26. Hi gabi, im watching your blog for long time, its very informative, and you are very kind, since I'm also riding a motorcycle i can totally feel for your bad luck (omg 2 times flat tire in 4 days), I'm coming to Phuket next week, hope to bring the sun with me 🙂 keep up with the good job man

  27. BIG like

  28. I feel your pain. Years ago I was driving my car down a dirt road and unknown to me ran over something that punctured two tires. To make matters worst when I opened my trunk the spare tire was flat as well. I would have been stuck anyways but with the spare tire being flat it was just another blow to my day.

  29. Suphatra Chaiyasit

    Time to buy a car Gabi have spare tyre 5555

  30. subb to u. stared to look u from thai pass. since u got a new laptop. time for an upgraded bag to kedp stuff dry

  31. Plastic bags are useful to keep your stuff dry in the wet season !

  32. Holy SH-T buddy that sucks , but remember you’re in paradise be safe 🙏👍

  33. Hey Gabi, your having some bad luck with getting punctures mate, the plug kit that the guy used to fix your bike is similar to what i use in the U.K that i suggested you add to your tool kit, there not expensive to buy & would be ideal for you having tubeless tyres…..
    I would also recommend having a look at Kriega products, i have a tail bag & also a backpack, both have removable dry liners & are 100% waterproof, there not the cheapest but they are great quality & come with a 10 year guarantee …….

    Ride safe 👍

  34. The hotel should have at least offer you a ride to town..

  35. bro, you rode with that quick fix?. I am surprised your tire didn't blow out!!!

  36. You need get large Dry Bag for road trips👍