Phuket: Thailand Travel and Tour Guide

Press play on our video about Thailand travel to get to know Phuket, the country’s largest island.

Explore with us as we take on this enchanting paradise, which dazzles with emerald water and soft sand. Teeming with deserted beaches and intriguing culture, Phuket belongs at the top of your travel itinerary.

The beaches are certainly the main attraction, and as soon as you catch a glimpse of the shore, you’ll understand why. Whether you’re in the mood for snorkeling off the or simply worshipping the sun from the shore, this is the place to do it. Stick to the tourist favorites, including Patong, Kata, and Banana Beach, or hop in a long-tail boat to cruise to the other nearby islands. You’ll find crowded shores with a nightlife scene in beach towns like Patong, but also set aside time to escape to more secluded stretches such as Paradise Beach and Laem Singh Beach.

Make time for some peace and quiet during your Phuket adventure. This island takes great pride in its religion and history, and the temples are a great place to get a sense of the region’s spirituality. With 29 Buddhist temples scattered around the island, you have plenty to choose from. Search for the massive golden Buddha statue at Wat Khao Rang, or venture over to Wat Srisoonthorn to see the sleeping Buddha. From the Phuket Big Buddha to the Wat Phra Thong, you’ll get your fair share of serenity while you’re in town.

If you’re ready to make some noise after visiting the silent temples, discover Phuket nightlife. Tourists tend to flock to Bangla Road in Patong, where the party never stops. From night markets to gogo bars, you’ll find entertainment at every hour in this vibrant part of town. Prefer to catch some elaborate performances instead? The dazzling Phuket FantaSea is certainly one of the best things to do in Phuket, as it boasts trapeze artists, carnival rides, and stage productions. Dubbed a cultural theme park, FantaSea offers everything, including restaurants, shops, arcades, and theater shows.

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Take a dip in the inviting waters or join one of the Phuket . Whether your idea of a vacation is getting a little R&R at the seaside or dabbling in the region’s culture, you can do both—and more—on your next trip to this picturesque island.


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  1. Thailand is very beautiful. I like the culture Market samples architecture sand beaches. I like the street food and the fire shows.

  2. Namrata Bhattacharjee

    So beautiful

  3. About city-tours, I booked one in Patong.
    I had a bad experience in Bankok before this , the 'temple is closed' scam, and a tuc tuc took me to some simple temples, like, what am I doing here ?
    But they don't want you there, it is all about the next stops… clothes shops and most of all jewelry-shops !
    waste of time.
    So I booked a city tour in Phuket. A bus-tour, well they took us to some nice spots, same spots as other tours. Oke, nice.
    Then a 'cashew-nut factory'… which was in fact …just a shop, most part, in my opinion, (was it always like that ?), then a honey factory…. leading you through a small garden with some bee-boxes… into a shop !
    Then, the coffee break/souvenir stop. Well, to me the biggest jewelry shop I have ever seen ! No pictures/photography ?
    At the entrance everybody got a small sticker on his her clothes, for no reason what so ever ? All the groups were already mixed, and at the exit you had to find your way to your bus anyway ? Inside every salesman looking you sceptic deep in the eyes,
    If you like cashew-nuts and honey, and feeding a small elephant (was he standing there all day ?) the tour is ok. Was it a scam ? To me there was something wrong about the 'coffee-break' as mentioned in the brochure…

  4. I've been there last december and loved it! I also went to Koh Phi Phi and can say it was my best trip ever! Can't wait to come back!

  5. Devis Brandolini

    Phuket was a paradise island, but not now

  6. The video is very interesting. You're very beautiful. When we were in Phuket, we rode a motorcycle. I hired a motorcycle for the last two weeks of march 2020 . From start to finish, they were brilliant. I felt that they were very honest and reliable. There were no hidden charges, which was very reassuring. They dropped off and collected the car for a minimal cost and the rental price was very competitive. I feel confident in recommending them

  7. Wonderful video, so interesting to see the city. You always make me happy whenever I watch your video!!! I was recently in Phuket. I rented a car for 12 days because the taxi is expensive. The people who work there are professional and friendly. Everything was very fast and without problems. The car was like new. The staff answered all my questions. They also rent motorbikes. I strongly recommend ORANGE CAR PHUKET if you need a car or a motorcycle!

  8. I love phuket very nice…

  9. Rafie Ira Lee Caindoc


  10. Beautiful views

  11. あかつき Tada Banri

    Bali Indonesia, Phukat Thailand, Philipine is a triangle the best destination for tropical island, greeting from Indonesia

  12. So gorgeous!

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  14. it's awesome

  15. i need the name of this beat. tell me please.


    NICE PLACE………………………………NICE VIDEO

  17. i would pay a big budget to see the elephant, but only if it was to see it free in the wild.



  19. what song at background?

  20. Paramasivan Daniel

    Nice to see

  21. antalya better than phuket

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    Mantu kumar

  23. Do the Raja Ampat, Indonesia

  24. Do the Raja Ampat, West Papua, Indonesia please !!!

  25. alaskafino canada

    very good thailand

  26. I heard there are good ping pong shows as well. As a ping pong 🏓 player myself I'm looking forward to visiting phucket.

  27. Taylor Gavinchuk

    Don't promote tiger kingdom …idiots

  28. Really? 72 thousand views and every comment is, "Yaaayyy! Phuket!!", "Greatest place ever!!!❤️❤️❤️, "Can't wait to go back!"
    Not one person–NOT EVEN ONE–has mentioned the fact that this city is literally called, "f*ck it".

  29. Thanaphong Wongrinyong

    Best city ever

  30. I'm going there in a few weeks for a weekend trip 🙂


    Expedia pls answer wich beach is it (3.02) plss answer or anyone

  32. Patrick Kurniawan

    love thailand i will come thailand 2018

  33. fantastic place. looking forward to visit it some day. 🙂

  34. Thanabodee Kairod