Inside Naomi Campbell's Luxury Villa In Kenya | Open Door | Architectural Digest

Today Architectural Digest brings you to the coast of the Indian Ocean in Kenya to visit supermodel Naomi Campbell at her luxurious, airy villa. Life as a fashion trailblazer and industry icon in constant demand for years necessitates a place to get away and unwind, and the tranquil seaside town of Malindi proved to be the perfect spot. “It’s a very calming place,” says Campbell. “You don’t really want to be on the phone. You’re not trying to find a television. You just want to read and be with yourself.”

Select artwork by:
Peter Beard
Gian Paolo Tomasi
Alexandra Spyratos
‘Take Me to the River’
Pure dyed silver leaf, copper leaf, glitter, acrylic on canvas
Armando Tanzini
Aluminum, wood, flip-flops, recycled materials, coral fossils

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Inside Naomi Campbell’s Luxury Villa In Kenya | Open Door | Architectural Digest

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  1. Architectural Digest

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  2. Beautiful Luxury Villa.

  3. Very nice in Kenya 🇰🇪 love it.

  4. Wow very lovely….. I wish you can invite me to visit your house

  5. I like that she put the wall picture of the boy not herself like narcissistic

  6. Love this home. Spectacular woodwork and furnishings. Beautiful, exotic but understated.

  7. SING UNTO THE LORD Inspired by the holy spirit

    Victoria secret was ran by white males who wanted a certain type of model to be angels..they wanted girls who represent the white European type. Girls who are also compliant, non assertive, pinkish, obedient soft, buttercup, who men could see as a toy, trophy and fantasy for the purpose of sex and sexual pleasure. That was not Naomi. Naomi was an assertive no nonsense model, who embraced her blackness. A strong black woman. To V S Naomi did not represent the white European standard or the compliant female they were selling.. Naomi was one of their best model at the time..maybe the best. When she stopped on stage she gets the attention of men and women. She was more than a sex object. Naomi was the True Super Model. It was Victoria Secret's loss.

  8. EveryDayWellness

    I love this 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  9. Yill Alberto Terrero

    I get lost in my own house, you can imagine…

  10. Hmmm . . . elegance, beauty, exotic paradise!!! All the other houses associated with Naomi were wonderful but, this veritable creation of hers takes the price!!! when we think exotic – this captures the essence of it. when we say paradise – this is a pristine one. Hmmm . . . Noami . . . can I be your friend and get an invite???

  11. Her home is like a resort…pure relaxation…the best home ever..non traditional, unique…

  12. Fabrizio DiCarlo

    Un sogno di casa e di posto un paradiso 😍😘

  13. Naomi saying "makuti" is soo cute 🙂

  14. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    Judging from the dated pantsuits the Supermodel obviously who has fallen on hard times.

  15. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    A Supermodel doesn't live in KENYA…

  16. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    Very little greenery ….

  17. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    The photo of the destitute Child in the supermodels bedroom is frightening…

  18. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    The Bathroom is the worst…

  19. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    A huge Yard and not a single green blade of nutrition is growing anywhere…

  20. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    The Pool is Dated…. The painted design on the floor of the pool is depressing.

  21. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    Looks like a Common Camp Ground…

  22. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    Highly disappointing 🎄 Christmas Tree..

  23. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    Barn like ambiance…!

  24. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    HOW can a Supermodel live in a deserted Hotel?

  25. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    Dreadful dated and unimpressive…

  26. Life Extension Technologies GoFundMe

    Sell immediately and Move Now!

  27. Christian Williams

    Very beautiful its breathtaking.

  28. Love the thatch roof

  29. Qué precioso lugar y preciosa ella. Quién te dijo con mala intención negra ahorita se está envidia por tu casa. Y tú belleza. Dios te bendiga. Se buena mujer. Dios te lo guardara a tu hora de muerte.

  30. Beautiful

  31. She’s making me miss Kenya. No place like Home 🇰🇪🇰🇪. Asante sana Naomi!!

  32. Nice personality. I’m impressed

  33. Beautiful Spa look

  34. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  35. GENIUS!!!

  36. Lucy Vibes Germany

    Malindiiii kenya beautiful 🇰🇪

  37. This should be reshot. Beautiful home and love her, but was getting seasick and it's a bit blurry and shaky at times.

  38. I Love It!💗

  39. 🌿🇰🇪Would love a visit Naomi!

  40. Can I be you're friend? I just want to come visit your peaceful house, it's like a resort 🥰


  42. I know that in relationships I have to compromise.” While Campbell has never been married and is currently single, she has had a number of high-profile relationships over the years.Aug 31, 2021
    Spouse: Flavio Briatore
    Professions: Supermodel

  43. Entertainment w an art and think she’s queen of knowing how to entertain her guest and make them feel they’re having great time!

  44. Beautiful and Unique! Just what I'd expect from a Supermodel Queen. Much Love to Naomi and Kenya!!!

  45. Roxanne Bellille

    Wow!😊 Naomi, thank you for sharing your home it is beautiful! I never been to Africa but I would love to travel to Kenya. Africa have a lot of hidden treasures!🤗

  46. I would be scared to death to sleep there. Monsters in the woods and a house made of straw. Iaint going.

  47. This is hotel size. A big hotel.

  48. Beautiful

  49. Beautiful home 🏡

  50. "its so chilled… we have air conditioning" ….