Boston Food Tour – HUGE ITALIAN FOOD + 16” Chicken Parmesan Sub!! | Boston, Massachusetts

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  1. All of that is probably 15,000+ calories!

  2. oh my god…someone touch my computer and unsub. you…so sorry,but now everything is alright.subscribed again!!!

  3. Mark is personable and he has a good assortment of locations/food but he doesn’t have any culinary acumen and the howdy doody veneer gets old. “Yum or Wow, it’s good” gets played out. God bless him for 8 millions subs. I ain’t hating but I am def amazed.

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  5. did he just say gracias in an italian restaurant? shouldn't it be graci? lol love you Mark keep it up!

  6. The lady says "we're from kentucky, which is pizza headquarters" then names papa johns and other franchises…lolol

  7. I've never been able to finish one of his videos, he makes the most stupidest faces and sounds

  8. Can we take a moment to acknowledge Marks' wife? I mean, talk about patience, loyalty, control and dedication! She is silently and respectfully in the background of all of these great videos, monitoring their son, so that this great brother can shine! Incredible! Every good man deserves a wife like her. Shout out to you, queen! 👑💯

  9. Glad Your did Boston but it’s so much more then Italian food! The city is filled with so many different cultures. Don’t get me wrong the Italian is amazing but you have to Check out the China town for sure. There’s lots of great Ethiopian and Mexican food as well. And of course my favourite Boston is home to the best Dominican food I’ve had

  10. I wonder at what point he allows his wife and son to begin eating their share of the food 😂

  11. “We’re from Louisville Kentucky where it’s pizza headquarters, Papa John’s, Pizza Hut”…. LOL😂. That stuff is called “fake pizza” in Boston or NY.

  12. Where does this guy put it all. Each time isee him his getting skinnier

  13. naked sniperboy

    thats not italian food

  14. Can bread be eaten as an appetizer? Doesn't it make you feel that you are Full

  15. You just can't go wrong with Italian food unless they don't cook it right. Let's give it up to ALL the Hispanic cooks that perfect, Italian, Chinese, & other styles of cuisine!!👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  16. I Love the women who compare the home made pizza to Papa Johns, Pizza Hut and the other chains ! ROFLMAO !!

  17. I want to know how in the world he eats so much food Four full plates of pasta. I know his wife helps some what but he’s unreal but totally awesome!

  18. น่ากินมักๆ

  19. That cheese looks mouth watering!

  20. My Hometown🥰😊

  21. No way soft pizza

  22. Those are some nice pizzas!

  23. Oh – yeah! Oh Yeah! Oh Wow! When did Mark start originating from Phoenix, I thought he used to tell people in Asia he was from Canada – Aye???

  24. Good

  25. Boston native. Glad you could enjoy it all ! 🙂


    I love see his videos but I don't believe this is the best vlogger out there!