Tour of Minneapolis & St Paul – Travel Destination to Twin Cities

Our Aerial & Ground tour of Minneapolis & St Paul Minnesota. For licensing or stock footage of this video contact [email protected]

For more information on things to do in Minneapolis see For St Paul see

We just love the Twin Cities. There is so much today in Minneapolis, atleast in the summer. A great place to walk around, window shop, and dine is NorthEast Minneapolis, a historic riverfront district on the east side of the Mississippi River. ForUpcoming events in Northeast Minneapolis, see

We mention traveling Magician Nick Sharpe in this video, who was born and raised in Minneapolis. He has an impressive routine with shows, walk-around magic. For information on booking him see . His wife, Jennifer is also a pretty renowned Caricacature Artist herself who travels with him.

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  1. Informative video. I'm excited that I'll be visiting Minneapolis and St. Paul for the first time next week

  2. Hello from México, i went to MN AND Saint Paul of vacations a long Time ago,. People friendly. Vert nice place. 🙂

  3. It does not take 20 mins to drive to st P lol

  4. PackersBengals DAILY BOIS

    Oh the bridge my teacher went over the bridge 15 minutes before it collapsed

  5. I love living in Minneapolis, especially in the summer. I live just across the Stone Arch Bridge and love taking walks across the bridge to downtown. Such an amazingly beautiful city!

  6. A breathtaking city

  7. Great video thaks for sharing it.

  8. Worst city in America, period

  9. I’ve traveled to a lot of larger American cities. Minneapolis is one of my favorites. I went there for the first time in 2018 and was amazed how much there is to do. The summer weather was great.

  10. Lindsay Hengehold

    Really want to visit St.Paul & Minneapolis someday 🙂

  11. Fun fact: the "twin cities" moniker originally referred to Minneapolis and Saint Anthony, which was eventually absorbed by Minneapolis

  12. Minnesota, hail to thee!
    Hail to thee, our state so dear.
    Thy light shall ever be;
    A beacon bright and clear!
    Thy sons and daughter true,
    Will proclaim thee near and far.
    They will guard thy fame;
    And adore thy name!
    Thou shalt be their Northern Star!

  13. Just a friendly suggestion… Reduce the music audio levels. It's hard to hear what you are saying sometimes. Music should be a subtle backdrop, not the foreground. Your spoken commentary is what I want to hear.

  14. I living there before it very nice contry

  15. technowarriorstv

    welcome to the gorge Floyd riot caldera this guy is the same size as the taupo caldera in new Zealand 1350km3 released in 2020s super eruption bad news it woke up and is having small eruptions right now pray for them because the caldera wants to let go again VEI 8 BABY yellowstone size

  16. People still want to visit Minneapolis? I guess rioting tourists might! 😂

  17. It is my dream to live in Minneapolis or St Paul someday.😍🤩

  18. I used to live in Bloomington Mn. Love the spring the rest of the weather is shit though.

  19. Well done.

  20. حسنوكس hassanoxe

    Thank u for that video its seems amazing city i love it thank u again for that but i think u have to make video in winter period when she start to snowing its will be so beautiful and great there in Minneapolis

  21. Bruh going to minnesota next year 🙂

  22. Wow I wish sf and Oakland were clean like this

  23. Looks like you skipped Target Center and the Minnesota Timberwolves/Lynx.

  24. If President Biden gets his way Saint Paul Minnesota will finnly be given help!

  25. I'll save you the pain don't go there is a shit hole with nothing to do and idiots everywhere

  26. I remember 35 bridge disaster

  27. Big_brain_zeroIQ

    It’s a shithole

  28. I actually thought Minnie and Paul were identical twins.

  29. In downtown St. Paul there is a indoor pubic park.

  30. I loved living and working in the twin cities, and skyways.
    the sky

  31. To come here you need a bulletproof vest and a armor car. This all smoke and mirrors to hide the truth of a socialist democratic city. Your putting your life in there hands. Be careful out there,it’s not safe

  32. Nice

  33. I have lived in Minneapolis most all my life. I was born here, and lived in the same house for 53 years. I think it’s a beautiful place to live and do business. I produce the Minnesota Event Planning Expos and have been for years.

  34. I enjoyed the video! South Robert Street in St Paul is unique having over 50 fast food spots to eat at. The 494 strip is cool but the Mega Mall in Bloomington takes the show!