3 ways to ask for Tips as a Tour Guide or Tour Manager

This is the second video in a series about how to ask for tips as a tour guide. In this video I give 3 examples from my book ‘How to be a Tour Guide’ of ways to ask for money / tips / gratuities as a Tour Guide, Tour Manager or Tour Director. The book is available on Amazon via www.thetourguidebook.com

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  1. I am a tour guide in Seattle. Australians are known for not tipping. Do they not realize how insulting this is? The internet exists. No excuse for not researching a little local custom before traveling.

  2. As a professional tourist guide, I abhor any guide asking for tips, it sets a low tone and sounds like begging.

  3. I use to says just like taxi driver, waiters and doorman we get a minimum salary but work on tips

  4. Elizabeth Velasquez

    I love your videos Thank you!

  5. Dahbi Morocco Tours Company

    Hello mate, please could suggest Moroccan guides because the majority of them are not professional ?
    Thank you

  6. Where is the best place to apply for the job?

  7. Well I found free $6321a money making system that is really working for me>>>pypmon.win/?S5GaLH Try once.

  8. A good tour guide never has to ask for tips , and claiming that your salary is minimal is doing down the company you work for , this is rude , scrounging and too up front

  9. dont you think the second one sounds kinda rude and a little bit too long??
    anyway that´s just cool!!! thanks for helping and the most important…
    thanks for doing what you like!

  10. Thank so much and very useful tips for tour leading!

  11. Aventura Extrema Suesca Colombia

    Simple tips that help correct job performance as a professional guide, thanks for the video.

  12. Can u please upload more videos soon. I'm a subcribed future tour guide who really wants to learn more and you are really good at explaining these things!!! more vids? 🙂

  13. Julián González

    Thanks for your tips, these are very important for a Tour Guide, because this video specific how we do in tours different.

  14. Very nice video, but what about transfermans ? I mean we don't give a lot of info, we only say about a break time (Dear guest we are going to have a 15min break time, please do not return to the wrong bus, thank you fro your attention) Could you give some tips about – How transferman can ask for tips in the best way ? Thank you !! 🙂

  15. How to be a Tour Guide

    Thanks Tung Ton! If you want to see more videos feel free to request them here!

  16. it'so useful!