Crocodile Feeding Time: Tour Guides Come Within Inches Of Deadly Crocodiles

Crocodile Feeding Time: Tour Guides Come Within Inches Of Deadly Crocodiles


This incredible footage shows tour guides hand-feeding giant crocodiles on the Tarcoles River in Costa Rica. Jose Eduardo Chaves Salas, 32, and his team get up close and personal with crocs measuring up to 17 feet long on Jose’s Crocodile River Tour. The guides dangle pieces of chicken above the gaping jaws of crocs and even pose for snaps while sitting on the aquatic predators’ backs.

Producer: Tom Midlane
Editor: Joshua Douglas

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  1. What is the insurance company does his company use to cover emoloyees

  2. حامل المسك

    ترجمه بخلفيه سوداء تغطى علي الفيديو كيف هذا ؟

  3. nó táp thì trời cứu

  4. just imagine if he falls down !

  5. Amazing and wonderful experience

  6. its all fun and games until one day they decide to switch their diet because they don't feel like it that day

  7. Thorsten Kümmel

    Stumbling and all is over!

  8. The world is full of idiots…that's one way of getting rid of them…..

  9. what's up with the shark encounter link in the end

  10. American Crocodiles Are Not That Dangerous.
    A Nile Crocodile Or A SaltWater Crocodile Would Have Been Another Story

  11. Wondering Wanderer

    my god look at those fucking things! they're dinosaurs! its a living dinosaur i dont care what anybody says

  12. Bullshit this video sucks I wish that beast would have eaton him for being so dumb!

  13. teaching crocodiles that humans will feed you, what's the worse that can happen later on

  14. the only thing standing between that man and the crocodile is that piece of meat. 😀

  15. André de Andrade

    Sorry for the curse word, but ARE YOU F*CKING KIDDIN ME ????? THIS IS INSANE !!! OMFG, HOLD MY BEER I CAN TO DO THAT !!!

  16. Jose Antonio Alarcon

    Yes, I have a crocodile – that size – living in my house….

  17. asraf baloqlanov


  18. whole bunch of nope going on here.

  19. hope one day I see him get eaten, live on cam….

  20. 1 trip and you're done! jeeeeezzzzz

  21. What if it hit your hand this is crazy!

  22. i love it

  23. This is usually illegal.  I watched a "Tour guide" feed a bunch of wild crocks in Belize and one got close enough to kiss it on it's snout.  Ya, high level of risk for the high thrills and "donations".

  24. How are they even able to walk with balls THAT massive?

  25. you'll be seeing this guy all over the internet one day for being mauled by crocs, but its evolution. the stupid and weak will be weaved out somehow, this is just one example

  26. "Dont try that in home" jajaja how we have a crocodile in our home jaja

  27. This is so stupid.
    One day that man will be handicapped at the best.
    Dead at the worst.
    I mean,they are prehistoric creatures man.

  28. This guy is a certified idiot. I saw him on Liveleak awhile ago trip in the mud and almost get eaten. Survived out of dumb luck. I thought he was just some stupid frat boy tourist. Can't believe people pay him to give them tours.

  29. this man is just foolish. its only a matter of time before he trips falls over and his life will come to a fast end or at the very least he will loose a leg

  30. The croc at the 1:20 mark,look at the size of that thing.If this guy fell backward at that moment he is done.

  31. Edicarlos Roberto

    quando perder a mão… todos vão dizer "tadinho dele" 

  32. sip

  33. "fearless tour guilds", I'm wondering if the tourists would continue to snap photos as he is being "feed" to the crocs

  34. they will bite u directly one day