World War II Memorial – Washington DC: An Inspiring Tour DVD

This is a bonus feature from Washington DC: An Inspiring Tour DVD and is available on location and from With this full featured DVD, you can share your Washington visit and learn about our nation’s capital. Outstanding cinematography and an original music score enhance this rich tour of Washington’s historical and cultural treasures, plus a capital Fourth of July Celebration.

Explore the Smithsonian Institution with its many museums, including the National Air and Space Museum. Tour the White House and learn its history, as well as the Capitol Building, National Archives, Library of Congress, and Ford’s Theatre. Visit inspiring memorials: Lincoln, Jefferson, Vietnam Veterans, WWII and FDR, plus Washington Monument, Kennedy’s grave site & Arlington.

Finley Holiday Productions

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  1. m('U')m

    kilroy was here

  2. While I understand the need for such a memorial, I feel this is not a fitting tribute to our fighting men and women. It is cold, sterile and unfeeling. The Korean War Memorial is much more fitting and is very haunting, especially at night. I just think the edifice could have been more personal and meaningful, like the Korean and Vietnam tributes.

  3. If you are a soldier for the USA…

    And are currently serving…you might not get paid.

    If you are injured…it will be called workplace violence.

    If you survive fighting boogie men terrorists for decades….you will be barricaded out of memorials dedicated to you.

    If you die…no one will investigate. And if a reporter brings up that you and your buddies were slaughtered by terrorists and no one was ever arrested the president will respond with "That was a long time ago. No one cares now."

  4. I agree. My father just passed away this past January. He was a Marine who fought in the pacific. Many WWll vets had already passed on before this memorial was ever built and those who were still alive like my father when it was completed were too old and weak to travel to go see it.

  5. took too long for this to be built!!!
    WW2 was the most important time frame in world history!!

  6. nuclearthreat545

    2:54 "a series of bowl relief sculptures"

  7. When I got home this morning I found out that America had lost another hero. My 95 year old grandpa, Born after the first great war, who had lived through the last Great Depression (with great stories). A member of Roosevelt's Civlilian Conservation Corp. He was the original GI (Government Issue) Soldier!! He forwarded me a certificate from the French government thanking him for his services on June 6, 1944.

  8. Marine Raiders MILSIM

    From the sands of Iwo Jima to the Beaches of Normandy there will always be scars that bring back a thousand minds to the battle and skirmishes that sing tales of soldiers, sand, and sacrifice.