A TOUR OF TBILISI, GEORGIA | Is It Worth Visiting?

Exploring the interesting city of Tbilisi, capital of the country of Georgia.
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A TOUR OF TBILISI, GEORGIA | Is It Worth Visiting?

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  1. 14:57 Love how he says Georgian King instead of ვახუშტი ბატონიშვილი hahahahaah (noob) !!

  2. There are just more than 1 million people in Tbilisi, not 1.5 million. Camera going too wild – no image stabilization. Not good to watch.

  3. Amazing video. I knew about Georgia because it's great wines!! 👍👍❤

  4. Good job. Very informative.

  5. Been there many times. Go out to the country and have a picnic on the river. You will love it.

  6. Cristine Notropse

    Which month is best to visit georgia ?

  7. Very nice place

  8. Love from india

  9. Wow is Cyprus really an island near turkey? Never heard of it, Americans!!!!

  10. You're videos are okay but you move the camera way too fast to be able to see anything clearly 😢

  11. batum is an ancient Turkish Muslim land

  12. Hi do you want to know about georgia? Its friendly country and its so good beautiful and other georgias name is :sakartvelo=საქართველო so i am from georgia and thanks for revieving it

  13. amazing country to live
    gabriel from lebanon

  14. You should work on camera skill, turn it slowly to be watch able

  15. Everyone is welcome to Georgia ❤

  16. Mikael Rehnstrand

    Tbilisi-my no 1 city of all cities! ❤️❤️❤️

  17. Не промахнись, Асунта

    cool stuff ;D

  18. nice dizzy cam work there

  19. Lukasz Alexander

    Can I move to Georgia from north Cyprus..

  20. I've been there on August 2019

  21. Georgia Armenia and Azerbaijan are not the Caucasus

  22. Esti and Countryhumans

    this is what the locals say

  23. man i wanna go fist my country again…

  24. leri menagarishvili

    Good video gabriel thanks .Georgia is amazing cauntry!

  25. Gothus Touchstone Singularity

    It's so beautiful. I don't see any poverty like they keep telling me about…

  26. The most beautiful girl in the world

  27. I'm from georgia

  28. davit chkhartishvili

    Мы предлагаем услуги с 6 человек Mercedes Viano. Я буду обслуживать туристические компании, а также ежедневные туры в качестве личного водителя в любую точку Грузии. 557009492 Дэвид

  29. Nice country i am living here before ten years

  30. Lol it’s called Tbilisi and not Tiblisi

  31. I’m from Georgia it’s beautiful
    The best place you can visit
    But the sad part is that 20% is occupied by Russia

    You guys should visit Tbilisi ❤️❤️❤️

    ლაიქი თუ თქვენი საქართველოდან ხართ

  32. It’s really a must place to visit. I miss their wine and sceneries. Interesting place. 🤍

  33. Azerbaijan

  34. Georgia is very expensive country

  35. Андрей Березин

    All you Americans need to learn it ONCE AND FOREVER. THE NAME IS TBILISI, T-BI-LI-SI, NOT TIB-LISI, it's not fuckin hard to remember… I have no idea why all of you keep saying Tiblisi, on and on, please quit that, please please.

  36. ვახო ახალმოსულიშვილი

    Apkhazia and samachablo is GEORGIA! 😃

  37. I thought people in Georgia speaking Russian language .. but I see other language over there .. complicated language.

  38. LakbayerongBergs

    a great informative video of Georia( country). I did same video about Cultures, foods, transportations, tour significant places. Guys you may check my channel. It is a great Country. Tnx bro for this video.