10 Years Building a Wooden Sailboat for Life on the Water – Retired Couple Shares Experience + Tour

Sombrio is a 33′ wooden sailboat that was lovingly built by Ian (a.k.a. KIM) over the course of 10 years with mostly reclaimed lumber that he collected and milled himself, including Douglas fir, red cedar, and yew wood. The boat has been a huge part of Ian and Sandi’s lives: the now-retired couple lived aboard the boat for 7 years, they summer cruised the Gulf Islands for several decades (and still do!), and they also did a massive 2-year trip to the Pacific from August 2017- August 2019.

The boat has a galley kitchen with a gimbal and methyl hydrate stove, a 12-volt fridge, plenty of counter space, and a safety belt to make cooking safer when the boat is underway. The saloon has a sofa with a table for lounging and dining and lots of storage for books and non-perishable food. Moving forward, there’s a head, storage locker, and a cozy v-berth with porthole windows and a hatch for ventilation.

Sombrio is an Oceania model, designed by Al Mason and built with the carvel planking method. The boat has a 26 hp, 3 cylinder Isuzu diesel with 50 gallons of fuel, for electricity it can use shore power as well as 2 x 100 Watt solar panels, for water there is 50 gallons of freshwater storage below deck, extra jerry cans on deck, and a saltwater pump for non-potable purposes, and for heat, there’s a big wood stove in the galley.

This is a beautiful boat, built and used by lovely people and we’re so happy to be sharing their boat life experience with you.

Special thank you to Simon from Finding Simon for filming the , tour, and some of the b-roll! You can follow his sailboat-building adventure on YouTube here:

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Mat and Danielle from Exploring Alternatives

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  1. Exploring Alternatives

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  2. What a beautiful story. Amazing people. These are the type of people we should set our aspirations to, not selfish, spoiled, mindless consumers.
    I wish them many safe voyages

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    Beautifull story I wish you Both many more happy years to Come.

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  8. I know this boat locally for years. Even the place they moor it is an amazing spot. Some people make their fortune through their good and honest endeavour. Salt of the earth.

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    Thank you for sharing.

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  15. Just fantastic, two wonderful people, a beautiful boat hand crafted with love and care along with life journeys that have been rewarded for fulfilling your dreams. As a sailor and a human being I have enormous respect for both of you!

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    Hello, everything in this video seem truly charming as always.
    The elegance is indescribable
    Just divinely gorgeous!!!🤩😂

  23. what a fantastic couple, they have lived their life to the fullest, we all wish our own lives could be the same, these two have battled their way to a perfect marriage I wish them the very best, and thank you for showing us what life used to be like.

  24. Beautiful film!

  25. Living and cruising on a sailboat is great for the first month. After that, you'd better be in love because someday somebody is jumping ship. 50 foot yacht makes things better.

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    Excellent stuff bro

  29. I simply have to thank both of you for sharing such a beautiful and insightful video . It just proves what you can accomplish and do if you have the will and tenacity to stay focused . I also have always admired Al Mason as a marine architect .
    North Star.

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  33. Beautiful boat, a proper ocean cruiser with her ketch rig and double ender design. It's also painted in my favourite colour for boats, what I call work boat green, it's definitely the best colour for a wooden sailboat. Lovely story as well in the building her yourself over many years, great stuff, inspirational

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