Epic LISBON Food Tour (9 Delicious Stops!)

Where are the best places to eat in Lisbon? And what are the best things to eat? Piri piri chicken, custard tarts, sardines (fresh and canned), Ginjinha, bifana, port and more in this delicious Lisbon food tour! Venga, let’s go! 🥝

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Have you been to Lisbon? It’s an incredible food city. And recently we launched our first Devour Tour there – our Tastes & Traditions of Lisbon Food Tour. And to celebrate it, I decided to make a video along with Ellis Dixon, our wonderful local operations manager and Lisbon expert. Get ready, because this Lisbon food tour is delicious!

So, where did we go?

1. Confeitaria Nacional: This place has been open since the early 1800s and it’s a fantastic place to start your day – a bica (espresso) and a pastry surrounded by gorgeous turn-of-the-century decor.

2. Ginjinha Sem Rival: I love this tiny little shop where you can get a bottle of Portugal’s famous cherry liqueur – and also take a shot of it at the bar. This place has been going since 1840!

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3. O Trevo: You have to eat a bifana sandwich when you’re in Lisbon. It’s simple, but delicious – stewed pork, and then you douse it in piri piri sauce and yellow mustard. And this was the place visited!

4. Casa Pereira: I love how this old shop smells like coffee, tea and chocolate. And the walls are lined with incredible bottles of port. So if you want to grab a bottle of port while in the city, this is your place!

5. Trobadores: This place is straight out of Game of Thrones. And despite seemingly a little tacky, it’s actually a place locals come to. You can drink mead (fermneted honey) and grill chorizo sausage right at your table!

6. Bonjardim: Piri piri chicken is famous, and if you’re going to get it in Lisbon (and you should), this is the place! The chicken was so deliciously juicy, and the skin fabulously spicy.

7. O Gaiteiro: I love a good old school restaurant. And in Lisbon these tascas the best spots to order grilled fish: sardines, salt-cold and octopus. O Gaiteiro is a place we visit on Devour’s Lisbon food tour and it’s fantastic – great food, full of local clients.

8. Sol e Pesca: This former fishing shop still looks like… a fishing shop. Apart from the enormous display of canned fish. And please, don’t be afraid of canned fish – it can be absolutely delicious, and this is the place to try it!

9. Manteigaria: Custard tarts are everywhere in Lisbon, but not all custard tarts are created equal. These ones from Manteigaria have a wonderfully crispy and flaky pastry, and custard is like delicious molten lava. A plus, you can watch them making them through the glass window.

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Hola, Spain lovers! We’re James and Yoly. James is a New Zealander, and Yoly is from Spain. And we both live in Madrid. This channel is all about giving you a local insight into life in Spain, and helping you experience this country like a local when you come to visit (or live!). If that sounds like your kind of thing, bienvenido!

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  1. Once again, I've taken a brief break from Spain, to eat my way through another European city. Who here's been to Lisbon? How was your experience? Let us know any tips in the comments! 🐟

  2. Great show! Loved Ellis.

  3. How easy is it to shop at these places as someone who speaks no Portuguese at all?

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  5. João Paulo Segundo

    Nice effort….but far away from the traditional portuguese reality…

  6. Yes agree Lisbon is great, after walking Amsterdam enjoying culture and also Malaga. Thanks great video.

  7. Antoine Agagiors

    Are u guys dating..she looks at u like there's some history

  8. Isto é a vida que a maioria das pessoas gosta andar a passear e encher bem o cu !

  9. Hubertus Venator

    Go to Évora, not to Lisbon. Go to Fialho. It's Portugal's best restaurant. Game meat is the best meat. It's uma bica and um pastel de nata, por favor.

  10. I’m Portuguese (from Lisbon} and Spanish(from Madrid). I congratulate you for this video, it’s done with taste , spots have been well chosen and Ellis, she’s wonderful!

  11. These guys DEFINITELY banged!

  12. Pranita Lokegaonkar

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  13. They look like a match made in Heaven… Sorry Spain's Reveal gf.

  14. Tropic of Cancer

    I have to get back to Lisboa!!!

  15. Jonah Artist Davis

    Donut ball from Berlin is not Portuguese

  16. Paul J Smith Ogarrio

    What a great clip.I’ll be vacationing in Portugal at the beginning of October 2021 and have taken note of all the places you pointed out, thanks .

  17. Ginjinha sem rival has Nepalese 😯

  18. Im from Porto and that bifana is a joke

  19. Ellis is lovely

  20. what happened to Yoli

  21. Fantastico video. Muchas gracias

  22. Geoffrey Simpson

    Portuguese food is way better than Spanish food. No curry 🍛 without the Portuguese spice trade with Mozambique

  23. Maybe it's just the pandemic, but you two are leaning in so close together in every shot, I thought you were romantic partners. I guess you were trying to stay close for audio and technical reasons, but I kept wanting to say "Spread out! No need to be so close together!". It kind of reinforces the "I'm revealing a secret" feel of the video but it's too close.

  24. Now, at the end. What a great tour. Funny, I dont like seafood but Portugal is the ONLY place I've ever been where its simply delicious and I liked it.
    Those Pasteis look soooooooo yummo!

  25. Delicious, but james, cut down on the coffee!
    My god, SLOW DOWN!!

  26. Não é comum os portugueses comerem enlatados de peixe.

    Eu tinha ido comer umas pataniscas com arroz de feijão, um cozido e uma sopa da pedra.

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  28. I prefer a full English breakfast

  29. Me encanta Portugal y los portugueses.

  30. Must eat the sardinhas with your hands…

  31. Robert P. Wainman

    11.30 – heartburn on a plate!

  32. there is a funny mussel connection: Galicians and other Spaniards living in Germany and missing good mussels, can buy frozen green New Zealand mussels or take a lot of "8/12 cans" from Mercadona when they are in Spain, but they don't sell here good mussel cans like in Spain… don't know why 🤷

  33. Lugares Perfeitos

    Lisbon is great, my favorite city in Europe 😍

  34. What a bore ! I switched off at 1:13…….

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  36. Joao Pedro Jordao

    I myself am Portuguese and I love watching these videos not just because it's my country but as well as it gives me very good memories

    Ps:I also love chorizo a bit blackened I'm like Ellis lol

  37. “Bola de Berlim” – these seem to be classic “Berliners”, also called Krapfen in Germany. They’re very common not only in Berlin, but across the whole Central Europe. 👍

  38. Luis Dias da Silva

    Incorrect info.

  39. 12:15 ". . . before there was beer — correct me if I'm wrong — I believe people were drinking mead."
    You are wrong.
    The oldest recipe discovered dates back to 3,400 BCE, and it is a recipe for beer. There is one in China and another in Egypt that vie for the honor of the oldest. Neither recipe includes hops. Hops were not added to beer until the 12th century CE. Before that, people drank either sweet beer or gruit ale. Gruit is a combination of spices. A typical blend is myrtle, yarrow, and rosemary, but other spices and even berries were used depending on availability and location.
    Sol e Pesca! A restaurant that serves sardines out of the can! Why did no one think of that before? Were I in Lisbon, I would eat there every day.

  40. Portugal 🇵🇹 is incredible! I visited only Lisbon and Porto and planning to return after this Covid mess! The food, the people, the wine, the river, beaches… It is paradise! Will retire in Portugal if I have the opportunity. Obrigado! 👍