Sweet INDIAN STREET FOOD Tour in North India! India's Dessert Capital!


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  1. Best Ever Food Review Show

    Thanks so much for watching! Follow me on Instagram for more fun food videos! @InstaSonnySide

    Special thanks to Archana for joining me on this sweet tour. Follow her on Instagram @lodha_archana

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  2. indian foods are heaven bro

  3. That jalabi wala uncle so unfit this is so much calories omg
    -this is what my gym trainer said

  4. Who is watching this after 3 years ? Today is 21st OCT 2021

  5. The thumbnail reminded me of Indias rape… situation and hopefully u now as well

  6. the guy in the thumbnail looks kinda like buddha. 😅

  7. A country fit for dogs. Look at the unhygienic way of preparation. India should learn from China

  8. Sures Thiyagarajan

    Mainly people would focus on food and the food hero himself but for me my eyes focus only on that girl from start to the very end…such a gorgeous girl she is…!!!

  9. Aman Vishwakarma

    Good vibes

  10. That almond dessert seems similar to the traditional dessert marzipan we eat in the west. That pistachio dessert looks delicious.

  11. Visit west bengal then choose sweet capital 😊

  12. Carl Brutananadilewski

    that food legit look like them Indian finger nails tho

  13. Yuuuuuuuummmmmmmm omgggggg 😭

  14. Imagine all that dirty sweat and shit rolled into them sweets 🤢 It's no wonder anyone from the west have the bad shits for days after being in India or Pakistan disgusting hygiene.

  15. The background songs…

  16. Stop flirting with her 😂

  17. There is definitely some tension between the two … Know what I mean 😉❤️

  18. I think I have a new Indian crush, second only to Deepika 😁

    Beautiful women, magnificent cultures, delicious foods. I hope to visit India someday. Cheers from 🇵🇭

  19. I am asking one question ?
    which country food and culture most like….

  20. I went to India a few years ago and all the stores and street food vendors asked me to pay with best buy gift cards. It was pretty epic

  21. 5:07 is he is copied Teayung?
    Any BTS💜 army here?

  22. Background music sucks…sry to say haven't you heard Bollywood music.. offcourse video is wonderful

  23. Love 💕😘 india from WASHINGTON DC

  24. Love from india

  25. If the whole video is a dish then this scene is a desert. 04:23

  26. She's cute❤❤

  27. *South of Heaven *

    Land of pre diabetics

  28. She's a god damn dessert!

  29. Omg …I'm from canada …but I have been to few countries n tasted many different kinds of food ..but nothing can beat indian taste …I reallyyyyyyy love all their food ..sweets ..favourites..northern eastern southern food …whenever I go to any restaurant in any part of world my choice is always Indian menu …lucky people to be born there …I wish I could visit every single corner of india n taste every sing food before I die 😍❤❤♥️♥️

  30. The Green Box India

    did any one notice , the all so awkward first bumb 11:15

  31. Thumbnail dekh k lga Paul Heyman hai😂😂

  32. Northern Indian uses more herbal spices I realized

  33. Highlight::: you don't have the laddus to mess with me. Laddu ….. Balls

  34. I live in the Netherlands (Amsterdam) at the moment and Indian food looks 10 times better than the food here lol I would love to visit India ❤️