Ultimate TOKYO RAMEN Tour! RAMEN EXPERT Reveals the Best Noodle Spots in Town!

JAPAN $100 STREET FOOD CHALLENGE! » Go on your own Tokyo Ramen Tour with Frank!

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  1. Can u do mexican street food with mark

  2. whenever i watch ur vid i always become hungry

  3. Loved this Ramen episode !!! Your guest host Frank was a wonderful Ramen Guide. He would be great in more Japanese inspired food restaurants in the future !!!

  4. Akshat Srivastava

    Man when I land in Japan eating ramen will be the first thing I do 😂😅😵

  5. The best food show

  6. Raffy Sungarngar

    Looks like James Franco from a side view to me

  7. Frank is my idol <3

  8. Carlo360.9 Garcia

    I love ramen

  9. I would love to go and experience Ramen becoz I know it's here too but.. Nothing beat the original… So I would love to go eat.. But can't afford the tour cost 😆✌.. WOW u got a Naruto or should I say uzumaki

  10. The show is just so perfect like the commentary is so smooth, the presentation is clear and the most important, the cameraman has a very good knowledge and I dont see them lacking anywhere. Thats the reason people stick their eyes to every video on this channel.

  11. Fry some chopped bacon, put the noodles and some chicken stock with garlic, hot sauce, cilantro, and cheese, poach an egg in the broth, dump it all in a bowl and top with green onion and jalapeno, and thats how I make the cheep ramen from Walmart lol

  12. Longtime ago

  13. I love Ramen noodles! And The fact they have soo many varieties makes it that more appetizing. 😋✌🏽👍🏽

  14. This guy was a super good co-host

  15. Christopher Zhao

    Slurp slurp

  16. That was a fun episode

  17. Pork lovers wet dream😂😂😂😂😂😂wow

  18. are people that poor not to travel? blame it on your parents for giving birth to you

  19. I like how Japan doesn't forces their citizens to learn English
    But forces foreigners to struggles with it.

  20. Frank has the most beautiful smile I have ever seen…❤️❤️ Such a handsome man!

  21. Looks so damn good!!!..

  22. Species researchers

    Ithink my ears r not working..coz iheard pornstars n seductive 🤯😅

  23. Watching this at almost 3am = torture test

  24. Frank was better with Sonny than with David Hoffman.

  25. Me who watched naruto when its sauce on side <<thats not ramen thats dipping noodles

  26. Bro ramen means hot sauce not broth

  27. simpleDJ509 chromo

    We finally have some places that serve pretty good ramen in my little rural city and I'm so happy. It's so much work to make it at home and source the ingredients that I prefer to just eat out. I only wish we had more authentic variety and crazy twists. All of these dishes looked so freaking good.

  28. 13:17 this is how ever girl be when i bring them home and they see my pokemom blanket ive had since i was 9

  29. Im surprised they didn't use bukkake sauce.

  30. Frank can ramen me all over. 🤣

  31. Som Norakvongvithyear

    *me a Cambodian slurping $100 bowl of ramen while watching this 😳 jk we poor af help us

  32. When will the world be like this again … No news of corona, people just travelling and eating good ramen… i miss that world

  33. Forgive me Sonny for I have strayed to another YouTuber, I won't say his name (but it sounds like 'park') it was just once and didn't mean anything, I was thinking of you the whole time!

  34. When i get to Japan, I don't wanna waste my broth after finishing the noodles, i wanna ask the cook if they can make something else with the broth like congee or mix it with rice as the broth thicken or give me those hotpot bowl and mix it with the broth and i can eat it as that.