2021 Tour of Flanders

“We saw a hard bike race today,” stated Lance at the top of the show. THEMOVE favorite Tour of Flanders did not disappoint. Kasper Asgreen avenges his 2019 …

tour du lịch

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  1. Francisco Pontes velasco

    Love the move, time trial is coming today🚲

  2. this show is garbage, a lot of boring commercial plugs, analysis is weak, no stories, just smug boring talk. the channel does not show how many subscribers it has; and i keep getting recommends even after i told youtube to stop recommending. it’s clear this channel is throwing a lot of money at youtube to stay high in the recommendations list. i usually love any and all cycle race analysis, but this is just mediocre.

  3. "Thrown out because of something they have done for all of their career." (throwing bottles)
    Come on Hincapie, you did doping all of your career

  4. I like how everyone bailed on predictions, lol

  5. So…not even one comment on Basque County..boooring

  6. Kamil Rzeczkowski

    King of EPO

  7. When will you talk about the race and give some analytics instead of highlighting yourselves all the time?

  8. The ads are annoying

  9. I thought DQT was running latex tubes according to an article I read.

  10. New to cycling, only know Lance! Who are the other guys, I assume former pro riders as well?

  11. Frank Vilhelmsen

    NO one who knows Asgreen will ever take pulls with him towards goal.. 🙂

  12. Daniel Longworth

    Well thanks to JB's spoiler filled background, ill have to unsubscribe from this channel, which sucks.

  13. Lance I am surprised you didn’t mention NA beer being a top recovery aid….just google “Olympians using nonalcoholic beer as recovery drinks” cheers guys love the show

  14. Go George buying a mic and some headphones.. so much better!

  15. Nicolas Iuel-Brockdorff

    MvdP's legs didn't "give out". – He gave up, because Asgreen flicked the gear lever as he came alongside him in the sprint, and the click made MvdP realise he had lost.

  16. 9:36 "getting thrown out of one of the biggest races of the year for a thing we've been doing our whole careers" coming from you guys is comedy gold! love it guys you're legends, keep up the good work love the show

  17. Sounds like Johan is waking up to the political shenanigans surrounding Covid.

  18. Bottle Bulls^*%t from the UCI. They claim it's for the environment but will they be banning publicity caravans from throwing tonnes of crap during the grand tours? I doubt it.

  19. George in Las Catalinas Costa Rica! Pura vida mae! , enjoy the trails and the incredible beaches of Guanacaste!

  20. Daan van Keulen

    I opted in for YouTube Premium to avoid any commercials… 🙂

  21. Dont think alaphilippe and asgren are the best of freinds.

  22. not sure if those Roval wheels are built for tubeless. I thought the team were running Specialized tyres with tubes

  23. Betta Babe Pilipinas

    Love the podcast 😁

  24. Raymond De Lange

    I love it how they say, kwakken 🙂

  25. Gustav Dalsgaard

    Brian Holm Said that Asgreen during a pre-race meeting had said “im faster than you think, even if it comes to the finishline in a bunch sprint” i dont think you should underestimate his ability to sprint. Go watch the stage in tour of California from a few years ago. Not that it was a pure sprint. But the boy can kick.

  26. There's giving bottles to fans and twatting them at full pelt into trees, fields and hedgerows all around the countryside. Most of the time they are not giving souvenirs to fans, they are just hurling them. If a rider is mid peloton, they reach up high and launch it so it clears all the riders. The intention is definitely not to give it to little Timmy at the side of the road, unless he is unlucky enough to get it full in the face. If fans want souvenirs they can get them when the pre race procession goes past throwing all their rubbish around. Its not a good look and its long overdue it being stopped. If organisations are so happy to buy into the bollocks of climate change then unfortunately this comes with it. If you are riding through someone's village why should you do that. If its in a stadium no problem, but it isn't. And pretending they are intended as generous gifts for fans is bullcrap.

  27. I like them saying ‘ Quackers’. Kwakkers allright

  28. Melvyn Dackombe

    What about the case where a thrown bottle rebounds back into the road / peleton.