We bought a boat, 30ft Bavaria monohull sailboat tour – SV sea cactus

We bought a sailboat (boat tour) to sail around the blue water UK coast & an Intro to SV sea cactus

A quick tour around our Bavaria 30 cruiser and intro to the channel along with the crew.

if you have any questions about how we do anything on board then please do leave a comment below and we will get back to you.

Welcome to Cactus sailing where we hope to take you sailing around the south coast of the UK, so hop on board and join us by hitting that subscribe button and we will see you out on the water.

dont forget to look as some of our other videos such as;
Fitting the windlass;

Testing the ATN tacker;

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  1. Inglaterra Brasil

    Lovely video and sailboat! Subscribed 😊😊🙂

  2. Lex van 't Water

    Basically x ??? Annoying

  3. And where is the wife?

  4. Nice boat

  5. Astonishingly classy, thought out, and suitable. Please check that the port side batteries are not wired in parallel as a lot of boatyards are stupid to keeping batteries isolated or in series. (6 volt golf cart). A much smaller set is possible if not wired in parallel. A second small solar panel is desired as the essential one can get broken mid-voyage. A spare Hong Kong 12 volt chest fridge is a good addition. The smallest ones give best sub freezing.

  6. lindajackson618

    And while you’re pulling down sails the man overboard drowned or got caught up in current and swept away. Faster to drop the dinghy? I like the idea of sailing but hate the actual sailing. Sailing is all work with little time to relax and enjoy the sea. Always having to adjust sails or put one up or take them down. Then with wind the boat ends up on its side and or throwing people around. I guess people love all that because there are millions of sailboats around the world. Oh nearly forgot the costs! Never ending money pit of broken parts. Blows my mind.

  7. She is Bavarşa 30 but she is nıt 30 foot.
    Bavaria 30 lenght is about 32 foot ( 9.5 meter)

  8. very good boat design.

  9. that's the space for the head not the feet

  10. Hi, why not use a diesel heater like webasto or ebersprächer. Much more convenient than usin electriv batteries or gas heaters…

  11. Anthony Marshall

    Wow, that’s some number of ads! Almost unwatchable. Other than that very good

  12. Hi Friend, put some flexible solar panels on the Benami it makes sense to have more battery power .

  13. Very nice 👍

  14. Over the last few years I've been wanting to get a yacht more and more, though if I get one it would have to be something a little smaller and less shiny than this which looks very nice. But I also live in the real world working 9 to 5, and wonder how far could I actually go on a weekend out if I went down friday night ready for an early start on Saturday morning, or maybe even heading out friday evening? Closest marina to me would be inaround the Solent, but I just wonder with a full time job how far could I go in a weekend? Or if further down the line with some experience under my belt, if I booked a week or 2 off work would that be enough time do you think to get down to say Lisbon and back? Or would I realistically be looking at portmarina hopping along the south coast? Thanks

  15. Finally! Some people sailing the English South Coast, where I live, rather than some much more tropical destination! This is a much more realistic goal for me and that makes it far more exciting.

  16. Krzysztof Puczek

    cool sailboat ,very nice.

  17. I wish you'd stop saying heads.
    It's just the head.
    Even on a type 42 destroyer we just said the head.

  18. We call him stinky because he stinks 😂😂😂

  19. I subscribed because I like sailing families. Cute family and kids. I almost missed them b/c I was changing to another video when I saw you showing someone else so I came back to the video. Just my opinion, I think you should show more of what you do. I don’t know if it’s just sailing or you do other things too. If you don’t do other things I assume your children aren’t going to be thrilled after a short amount of time. I never see any videos of a gay couple or a family so glad I saw yours, and happen to see the family reveal.

  20. What do you mean "we can't really do toast or anything like that." Personally, I use a Stansport Folding Camp Stove Toaster which takes up hardly any room in the cabinet with my plates when not in use but makes toast perfectly up to four slices of bread at a time. You can probably find one in most stores that sell camping gear. If you like toast I highly recommend one.

  21. First that was an excellent tour. Mostly you never see a person on the loo or in a berth to get a real feel for size so great job. I would give that a 4 star as a weekender and a 3 for a couple weeks holiday. It does a lot for it's size. I'm a fan of the old Hans Christian 33 with a completely different layout but you can't compare apples to oranges. Cheers.

  22. Now Thailand 4K

    Wow 👍

  23. Have you tried a dog shampoo for "stinky"?

  24. I love that you mentioned her draft. No one ever does that anymore

  25. Atemporal Lightning

    13:25 Proof that mermaids exist LOL…

  26. I got a office job as well but wanted to pick up sailing hence I am here watching your video. Great video. You got a new sub

  27. BullitzFromAbove

    I was recommended this. Interesting

  28. beautiful

  29. You need to add a large Bimini Top..More shade is vital .



  31. can you teach me sale.

  32. Just purchased a Bavaria 30 same model. I have to wait two weeks before I get it so I love to watch your video and dream about my new boat.

  33. He's onion from apple and onion

  34. Bryon Ensminger

    If you want toast go on AMAZON they sell a Coleman camping toaster it has a pop up rack that holds 4 pieces of bread you set it over the burner on the stove and it will toast 4 pieces of toast at a time for like 10 dollars American

  35. How much did it cost for the boat ?

  36. no water maker?

  37. Liiliana López

    It looks like an actual sail boat… Pretty sweet

  38. Never knew Jon Richardson had a son

  39. if you want people to Like your video try answering your viewers comments!

  40. Nice boat. Thank you for the tour.

  41. having kids a bit younger your family is an inspiration! I hope I can get mine to enjoy sail trips as they grow up too! (and maybe even the wife;P)

  42. Buddy put a dead cat on your mic, the wind noise is very bad.