SUPER CUTE Light Weight Travel Trailer | Happier Camper HC1 Tour

This is a walk through tour of a 2019 Happier Camper HC1 camping travel trailer. The owner purchased this new factory direct and allowed me to do a solo tour due to COVID times. This trailer is Retro-modern at heart, delivering affordable adventure and ground-breaking flexibility in an ultra-light package, the HC1 is the result of a lifetime of enthusiasm and years of careful design. An Adaptiv™ interior comes standard along with features like a huge rear hatch, wide entry door, classic wheel fenders, honeycomb fiberglass floor, and large panoramic windows. A 2021 model equipped like this 2019 has a list price of $33,488.00 according to their online configurator.


Delivering adventure and ground-breaking flexibility in an ultra-light, modern package, the HC1 is the result of a lifetime of enthusiasm and years of careful design. We put our best thinking into our newest model and we can’t wait to share it with you.

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  1. How lovely! 💕

  2. Not for $40,000!!

  3. For a toilet, I'd put a hole in the floor.

  4. 만국의 예수왕어린양의새나라

    카라반 보다 캠핑카가 안전성은 최고 !!

  5. LOVE IT

  6. what was the cost?

  7. New ones are roughly $40,000

  8. $30s? … FOoH

  9. Good god starting at $40k? You could get a decked out 20 footer for that price with all the bells and whistles. Don’t throw your money away. 🤪

  10. I like it but the price is too much for me. You can get a Casita for a better price and more space for your money. Under 30,000 thousand made in Texas but won’t be ready until 2023 unless you find a use unit..

  11. nice.

  12. i think i would want something bigger for the 35k base price

  13. That costs more than what I paid for my house in 2007! No kidding, my home has a huge yard and a 720 sq ft home that is 2 bedroom 1 bath with a basement.

  14. Decaf?? I can’t trust this person😒

  15. Family Is Everything


  16. All the close-ups are designed to hide the true size if it. Deceptive. Wouldn't trust a dealer who would do that.

  17. No stove or toilet

  18. Showing a trailer that is supposed to be at a campsite yet is staged like a house being shown for sale, how about some more reality? Storage for food, clothing, stove, dishes, cooking equipment? Modular cubes are cute but how functional is this trailer?

  19. I love it.

  20. The price tag is OUTRAGEOUS! Especially when there is no bathroom, sink, frig, etc…👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

  21. Mini propane tank is apropo

  22. It looks like a little land sub

  23. Its 35k….
    I can just book fancy hotels in the middle of nowhere for that price instead…

  24. Over $40,000. Jesus H. Christ!

  25. Cool

  26. Cute little camper.

  27. very small cute design i love the custom blocks you can rearrange, definitely comfortable for short trips. I can imagine with gas stove/portapotty and and outdoor shower setup this could be more self sufficent off grid but once again very small best for short term 🙂 this would be great entry vehicle for campers

  28. it looks small and cheaply made

  29. Could've taken a shot to show the layout in one shot. Looks like it's just cushions and a tables. Way too much seating space not enough anything else.

  30. But deff not worth mid 30s. Lol. More like mid teens. Lol. Deff a 15 k trailer. Lol mid 30s? Cmon.

  31. Very good demonstrational video . Very intrakit and informative. This little camper looks very durable and easy to maintain. Awsome.

  32. Is this an exclusive by Ray Romano????????

  33. What a clever design with so many functional options, thanks for taking us on this tour. (Side note: it is my opinion that only people from New Jersey should say the words "jalousie windows." LOL I'm from Jersey and that phrase with your accent took me back to my childhood. Thanks for that! 😁)

  34. What is “off gassing”?

  35. This is absolutely adorable and versatile. Would be interested in seeing the bigger models you mentioned. Reminds me of the Scamp with the full fiberglass body. The back/rear view looks almost like a car. The BEST part is the window that opens ALL THE WAY!! Can’t tell you how many RV’s I’ve seen that have huge windows and either don’t open at all, or only open a sliver of the way. HATE THAT! Thanks for the tour! The manual looks nice too.

  36. no bathroom?

  37. What a cute little trailer

  38. Vincent P. Locollo


  39. Is there a small trailer with a toilet?

  40. EXCELLENT camper AND tour 🙂

  41. DayDream Believer

    That is a very cool unit!

  42. Yet another great video Patrick!!!

    Curious what camping ground is this at?

  43. Perfect.
    Are these available
    right now?

  44. How does it hold up during a hurricane?

  45. Mary Ann Kochanski

    I like it