Anthony Bourdain A Cooks Tour Season 1 Episode 18: The French Laundry Experience

Napa, CA – Marooned in San Francisco, Tony tastes local shellfish and durian ice cream before embarking on a pilgrimage to experience the genius of Thomas Keller, chef and owner of The French Laundry.

The #1 food writer and television presenter in the world, and star of Travel Channel and CNN, Anthony Bourdain reinvented the food travel genre. In his groundbreaking first television series, Bourdain travels around the world indulging his taste for local cuisine and eccentric characters. You never know what he’ll say, who he will meet, or what they will have for dinner.

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  1. amazing

  2. Oysters are such an acquired taste. I’m too scared to try raw. It’s pathetic because I live on the southern Oregon coast. I’m literally less than a mile from the ocean where they have tons of oysters beds.
    Yet all the restaurants here don’t do them good.
    I’d love to love a raw oyster but I’m scared. I do buy fresh oysters on occasion but I bbq them.
    Like Anthony, with the right chef, I’d literally try anything but French laundry… that’s rich people food. I hope to dine there someday.
    I’m fortunate enough that dungenous crab is so abundant and cheap here, I’ve had it the best way possible many times. You drop your crab pots in at the pier, we use chicken pieces as bait. The sea lions don’t mess with chicken and if you use fish as bait, the sea lions will get your bait out of the pots….
    catch your crab, and fill a pot up with ocean water and boil your crabs on a cooker right on the beach. Get another small pot, put some salted good butter in it. Melt it. Cut up lemon wedges.
    Eat your fresh cooked crab right on the beach dipped in lemon butter. Omg yum and no crab shell mess at home lol. All of us can feast off endless crab for a $20 crabbing license fee (good for a year). Yum

  3. Oh, how far cuisine has come since this first peak of “innovation” and a tasting menu. And how comforting a place like swan oyster depot will always be a classic experience, solidified institution.

  4. A legend. I miss his angsty honesty so much

  5. R.I.P.

  6. My husband has always wanted to go to The French Laundry. However, my seafood pallet is limited to lobster and shrimp. Paying $700 for the two of us I thought was a waste since there is very little I would eat there.

  7. Hes better then gordon ramsey

  8. This is so incredibly 1998

  9. ApollosAssasinCreed

    On this day, the anniversary of his death, I'm once again in awe of this man. He is so brilliant, so humble and most of all so curious to learn/experience. Thank Lord for allowing AB to live amongst us for so long. And RIP AB!

  10. he killed himself even tho he wa rich as f. spit in the face to the rest of us

  11. awe Anthony 💔 I would like to add this place to my west coast tour next year

  12. Thanks, interesting

  13. Watching Anthony fanboy over another chef is pretty neat.

  14. Is it just me or is the thumbnail pic of Tony look like he has herpes on his lip? Change the pic lol

  15. Miss this dude

  16. I'd only be jealous, if I thought that there'd ever be a chance I could dine at the French Laundry. Thomas Keller's commitment to quality is unbelievable. Fortunately, for me, Anthony Bourdain is a great communicator, all around cool dude, and I'm glad I could live vicariously through him for some small amount of time. Great job, 'Tony'. …you are missed. RIP.

  17. I love the offal house

  18. Durian ice cream is actually pretty good.

  19. Never met him, probably never would have, but the world seems emptier just knowing he's gone now. I hate sensational comments usually, and cringe a lot when reading them, but I mean it.

  20. Keller is an icon but these million course dining experiences are bullshit

  21. It's amazing that the people of California were told to stay home and hide while their ruler I mean governor went to eat here and than they allowed him to be reappointed.

  22. Thank you, Anthony. I will eat there before I die.

  23. Ruhlman and Ripert there too. Wow.

  24. Tony knew to much. He didint Epstein himself

  25. God….I miss this man so much.

  26. I haven’t seen many of Tony’s early shows. Was this Eric’s first appearance with him?

  27. A Cooks Tour is my favorite of his shows; it's vintage Bourdain before his ego got the better of him. No fluff or filler, no self-indulgent beatnik monologues, just visceral experiences hyperfocused on the main attraction: the food.

  28. One of my favorite episodes

  29. You left us too early

  30. binge watching all of his shows

  31. the fact Thomas Keller calls someone else "chef" in his own kitchen is a huge sign of being humble.

  32. No one could describe something with that added humorous dark wit , unique point of view as he did……………………………………..Erik

  33. Let's give it up for the waitstaff having to remember every single ingredient in every single dish, on the fly.

  34. Miss the King Tony🙏💔🕊

  35. Anthony, YOU had the best job on the face of the Earth AND you killed yourself, WTF?.

  36. I was a Limo Driver for a very exclusive limo service some years back, more than 10 years. I was the preferred driver for a very famous owner of a NJ company that many people here would recognize. He was worth at the time over 400 million. He went to S.F. and decided eat at this French Laundry. He told me that it was the only time in his life he was stunned at a dinner check. If you want to eat there make sure that you have a credit card with a huge credit limit, in the many thousands.

  37. What an experienced, an experience I’ll never experience.

  38. Thomas Keller is so difficult to deal with as a Purveyor, many of the best decline to do business with him

  39. ok dungenous starts in se alaska…im dissapointed in you tony…..

  40. Why did Anthony commit suicide

  41. He’s dead

  42. woner what the final bill looked like

  43. What struck me the most with this was how thick Anthony's accent was.

  44. I love 💘 Tony and how star struck me was with TK!!